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Objective C Tutorial


In this Objective C Tutorial we will provide you step-by-step information in detail. You will find this object c tutorial very useful. You can quickly learn objective c from our easy to follow tutorial. Get ready to learn Objective c in very short period of time.

Objective C>

The Objective-C programming language is the primary language selected by Apple for writing the applications for Mac, iPode and iPhone. To learn Objective-C you must have prior programming experience in C language. If you have good knowledge of C then you can learn Objective C quickly and start developing applications for iPhone and Mac operating systems. If you don't know C, then please first spend some time to learn C programming language.

Objective C is an easy to learn language that can be mastered easily. In a few week you will find the difference and you will consider yourself as an expert  Objective C programmer. Our tutorial is well organized and supported with tested example code. You can just download and start experimenting with the code. This makes the learning process fast and easy.

About Objective-C Tutorial

This tutorial will help you learn the core concepts of objective c and then apply the same to develop applications for iPhone and Mac systems. This tutorial will help the programmers to learn the required skills to develop full-featured applications, utilizing the best features of Objective c like views and controls, menu items etc.

In this tutorial first we will create a simple objective-c program, set the environment for the code then compile and run the program. After passing through a program, will move towards learn something more about objective-c e.g. declare, define and use of the class.

Following topics are covered in details in this Objective c tutorial:

  1. Objective C Fundamentals
  2. Understanding the Objective C OOPs concepts
  3. Memory management in Objective C
  4. Objective C Foundation framework
  5. Files and I/O operations
  6. Advance topics like Introspection, Categories, Forwarding, Dynamic Loading etc.

What next?

We are following the do and learn methodology. So, we will first show you how to setup your development environment and then test few programs. Once you are able to run the first program, you can go ahead and start learning and experimenting with the Objective C core concepts.

In the next few sections we will be:

  1. Setting up the development environment on Window and on Max OS Compiling and testing the application

Next section provides you an introduction to the Objective C programming Language.

In the next section we will show you how to develop the "Hello World" application in Objective C.


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