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Objective C Introduction


This section provides you the basic introduction about Objective C programming language. Objective C is very old programming language and it was designed and developed in 1980. Now Objective C has become popular once again as it is being used by Apple to developing applications for Mac system and iPhone.

Objective-C was designed by Brad Cox in his company Stepstone Corporation in early 1980's. The Objective-C language is designed to enable a easier and powerful object-oriented programming. It works as a powerful set of extensions to the C language. Objective C takes best features from C and smalltalk. Objective C is easy to learn and has full object oriented capabilities. 

Objective C is simple and very intuitive programming language that makes the Object Oriented programming sample and sophisticated. Objective C is simple and small but it is a very powerful extension of standard ANSI C language. Objective C provides full object oriented programming capabilities just like C and all these things are done in very simple and straightforward way.

Most of the programming language provides:

  • A library of Objects
  • Necessary development tools
  • OOP' support and related libraries

Objective C provides all the above components. You can use Objective C to develop full fledge applications. Apple has selected Objective C as primary programming language for Mac machine and iPhone. So, you can use Objective C to develop applications for these devices.

Like an object oriented language Objective C revolves around objects. It has three parts:

1. inter- face
          Interface of a class is generally defined in header file suffixed .h. It is a declaration of a class.

2. implementation
Actual code is written in implementation of a class is generally defined in file of suffixed .m. It is a definition of a class.

3. Instantiation
After declaring and defining class we can be instantiated by allocating memory to the new object of the class.

In a nutshell Objective C is:

  • Extension of C programming language
  • Simple yet powerful object oriented programming language
  • Programming language adopted by Apple to develop application for Mac System and iPhone

In the next section we will learn the importance of Objective C programming language.


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