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iPhone Application Store Submission and Acceptance Process

At Rose India the custom iPhone application development process consists of three sequential steps: App Development, App Testing and Debugging, Application Listing on the online Apple iPhone App Store or Seller's store.


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iPhone Application Store Submission and Acceptance Process


At Rose India the custom iPhone application development process consists of three sequential steps: App Development, App Testing and Debugging, Application Listing on the online Apple iPhone App Store or Seller's store. While the first two steps have been detailed elsewhere, here we explain how our custom designed iPhone application is accepted and listed by Apple on its iPhone application store. The listing process on Apple's online iPhone app store is vital as it is the only way to mass-distribute your iPhone application, whether meant for free distribution or commercial distribution. The other way to sell or freely distribute your iPhone application is through your own online store, but this may have limited reach as compared to the first option, besides Apple doesn't provide any OS support for applications distributed through means other than its Application Store.

iPhone Developer Program:

For developing iphone applications we have registered with Apple's iPhone Developer Program, which is a prerequisite for developing and listing any iPhone applications on the App Store. We convey to Apple the relevant application details that they need and after receiving the application development profile we test and optimise your application on real iPhone's (and not just a simulator) before it can be listed on the app store. We can develop both free or commercial iPhone applications for distribution through Apple's iPhone Application Store or create iPhone applications for your in-house proprietary use.

iPhone Application Store Listing Process:

After our developers have developed, tested and debugged your iPhone application we submit the app to Apple's iPhone Application Store. The Application can be available for free distribution or sold. If you want to sell the application the base price is $0.99 and the maximum is $999.99, most of the commercial iPhone apps are available for about $10 on the iPhone store. The price is decided solely by you. Apple charges 30% of the sales revenue as retailing fees while you retain rest 70% of the sales revenue generated. There are no fees charged for free apps. The maximum application file size permitted is 2GB.

Apple iPhone Application Acceptance/Rejection Criteria:

Before your iPhone app is listed on the App Store, it is subjected to relevant checks by Apple for relevancy, copyright violations, pornography, stability, loading times, customer experience and so on. The following are some of the reasons why an iPhone application may be rejected by Apple for listing on its App Store.

Chargebacks: Applications that are misleading or not serving the purpose intended or which turn out to be different from what was promised are returned by the customers. Apps that carry high chargeback risk rejection by Apple.

Deceptive Marketing: Products that try to sell through misleading information are liable to be rejected by Apple.

Inadequate Differentiation: Applications that are not sufficiently unique from other similar products and simply carry a different name or tag can also be rejected by Apple.

Indecent Material: Apple strictly forbids any pornographic iPhone apps from being distributed through its App Store.

Awful Customer Experience: Does your app take too long to load, hangs often, offers no fun, has a lousy interface? Well then the customer will not enjoy it and nor does Apple.

For these reasons it is best to first clear the above litmus test before deciding the application that you want to develop. At Rose India we understand the investments and risks involved in developing any application or starting any project. Hence we offer suggestions at the outset about which iPhone application can be or cannot be accepted by Apple. Further our design and development team ensures your iPhone application is most unique, relevant, stable, enjoyable and cost-effective so you derive the maximum returns on your investments, always.

After your iPhone application clears all the relevant checks it is listed on Apple's online iPhone App Store in the relevant genre like Books, Business, Education etc. The store also features a Top Ten Apps list, overall and genre-wise. Our iPhone designers and developers have the perfect knowledge of the hottest selling or in-demand apps and we can even suggest the app that will gain you the widest revenue in the least time, if requested.


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iPhone Application Store Submission and Acceptance Process

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