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Common Interview Questions


Every organization or institution requires good professionals in different fields, who are capable of taking the organization forward. So it becomes essentials for every candidate who comes for interview to present himself/herself in a professional way in order to become a part of the organization. To be successful in an interview needs attire, confidence, poise and excellent communication skills. Most interviews are competency based and so candidates are asked to answer a number of questions in order to demonstrate their practical knowledge and their ability to tackle adverse situation.

Apart from doing a little research on the company, it will better to prepare answer to some common interview questions the interviewer is likely to ask as such as: tell me about yourself, what are your strengths and weakness, why do you want to work here, why should we hire you, etc. Here are a number of commonly asked questions that can give you an overall idea about the kind of questions that an interviewer asks and surely this will boost your confidence in any interview. 

  1. Common Interview Questions - Page 1
    Tell Me a Little About Yourself? Ans - This is the most general and probably the most difficult question, as one has to cover up the entire life story within a couple of minutes.

  2. Common Interview Questions - Page 2
    What's Your Biggest Weakness? Ans - This is one of the most common questions that every job applicant face and by this, the Interviewer wants to check your challenging ability to face different situation. 

  3. Common Interview Questions - Page 3
    What experience do you have in this field? Ans - Mention specific information related to the position you are attaining the interview otherwise tell him that you are a fresher and have just completed your academics. 

  4. Common Interview Questions - Page 4
    Are you a team player? Ans - Working together as a team is the key point in achieving greater goal than anyone could have achieved individually. 

  5. Common Interview Questions - Page 5
    What irritates you about co-workers? Ans - This is a tricky question but you can answer it honestly. Answer anything that really irritates you or disturbs your work. 

  6. Common Interview Questions - Page 6
    Tell me about your ability to work under pressure. Ans - To answer this question give an example related to you’re past job and how did you handle it. 

  7. Common Interview Questions - Page 7
    What did you hate most on your previous job or organization? Ans - Your answer should be something like that you have not find any such thing as an employ should enjoy every part of his job. 

  8. Common Interview Questions - Page 8
    Describe what would be an ideal working environment? Ans - An environment that provides me a chance to use and enhance my skills for the betterment of the organization.

  9. Common Interview Questions - Page 9
    What challenges do you think you'll face in this job? Ans - Describe the kinds of challenges you came across in your previous company and how you successfully tackled them.

  10. Common Interview Questions - Page 10
    What have you gained from your work experience? Ans - Pick out one or two work experience and explain it in detail and express what you have learnt from your activities. 

  11. Common Interview Questions - Page 11
    Do you prefer to work with others or on your own? Ans - You have to first understand the requirements of the job and answer should be accordingly to convince the interviewer that you are appropriate for the job.



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It just calmed all the butterflies in my tummy..
This is a great tutorial..very very helpful..

Posted by Rohini on Monday, 01.7.08 @ 17:48pm | #44722

I am really appreciate the answers which are excellent. I was tensed how should frame the answers of these difficult questions.But after reading all answers I am able to give answer for any general question.I get confidence.So I am thankful to you.

Posted by sarita on Wednesday, 08.8.07 @ 20:30pm | #22955

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