What is Wearable Electronics?

Wearable electronics is already in place with its astonishingly smart applications. From GPS tracking suits to solar energy absorbing garments, the field is continually evolving to make way for newer applications, features and user benefits. Here you will find definition, applicability and instances of wearable electronics.

What is Wearable Electronics?

We have already entered into a reality that is increasingly altering our sense of erstwhile perceptions and fast melting the real and sensory with the so called lucid, unreal like digital appearance. Wearable electronics or smart fabric is one of the latest expression of that simulated digital reality and its penetration close to our skin, being constantly in touch with our physical reality. Now the same shirt that you have been fascinated to because of its fine checks and hand woven fine linen fabric can at the same time be your source of low frequency electric power on the go.

Yes, when shirts or shoe soles can make your cell phone battery charged or a pair of spectacle can make you help to realize your listeners understanding level or your cycling helmet can guide you at all time regarding navigation speed, signals, etc. or when a simple walking stick in the hand of an old man can let the caregivers monitor potential health threats or heartbeats or pressure from a remote location, it is not simply amazing but it declares that we are already in the process of entering a new world of unforeseen technology. In few years from now many so called perceptions of real and unreal will be blurred with the ever encompassing forces of technology penetrating deeper and finer. Let us see various types of wearable electronics that are either in the making or already in the marketplace.


Wearable electronics is nothing but traditional fabric and garments or other wearable items like spectacles, shoes, helmets, caps to have capability to function like electronics gadgets. For instance deep in the fabric of your shirt flexible micro processing chips and conductors can be interwoven to let you experience various electronic outputs ranging from charging your cell phone to giving real time location specific information about the wearers. It is flexibility of electronic devices and components that play the most decisive role in the making of wearable electronics. So many electronics gadgets still now struggling to find their absolute flexible reincarnation and then wearing them won't take a long time. Recently many companies have tasted their initial success in making flexible tablets or phones and some even went as far as to make prototype of a jacket with the screen on the scarf, speakers on the collars and micro chip set is woven all over the fabric. So wearable electronics is no more just an idea, but a all too throbbing reality.

Some Wearable Electronics

The wearable electronics is the newest receding frontier of modern science and technology. And for users and consumers it is already a great array of gadgets with electrifying and amazing features and benefits. Here are some of them.

Sweat Draining Fabric

In the tropical heat of some parts of the globe, especially in the summer days sweating is the most commonly experienced program. To address this with wearable electronics may sound too ambitious now, but to all our amazement it is already there! Researchers at the University of California, Davis, has come up with a innovative fabric that much drains the sweat droplets smoothly when there is too much of it.

Solar Clothing

It is truly an amazing proposition for the tech savvy, handheld device using mankind all over the globe. Just think of those times when on the way to somewhere or in a long journey you failed to make a call or browse internet simply because of lack of charging facility for your mobile devices. In the time to come this frustration may end forever. Solar clothing or apparel with soar cells is the newest wearable electronics on offer that can address numerous issues concerning necessity of electricity on the go.

Smart cycling helmet

For cyclists the office hours always pose a tough time ahead and when cycling is increasingly being popular as a regular fitness exercise on the way to and fro between office and home, safety measures are equally important. Now there are smart helmets to listen to become sync with your microphone while being constantly guided through perceptive navigation signals with the blinking lights on the helmet.

GPS and Fitness tracking suit

For some time now we are already accustomed with the wearable electronics with GPS tracking mechanism that may correctly tell to the remote watchers about our location. But the same wearable electronics is now there with another feature. It is a fitness measuring monitor which is powered by your movement itself as you run or paddle.