What is software as a service(SaaS)?

SaaS or Software as a Service is the most popular software delivery model that is growing at an whopping speed to encompass all service segments thanks to far and wide development of cloud computing. Here you will find all information regarding definition, popularity and uses of SaaS.

What is software as a service(SaaS)?

These days the abbreviation SaaS is incredibly popular among tech wizards thanks the huge possibility that the attributes of this term offer. SaaS stands for software as a service, means typical software application that is being provided as a service to the clients. Cloud storage is one prominent example of SaaS. Just for instance you recently downloaded on your smart phone an application that provides you notebook, mailing and folder options just within the same application. Contrary to so called Gmail or yahoo mail here you can save all your personal folders and data in the online application and can access them through internet from other devices as well, only you may be required to log in with the same user ID and password. We are already familiar with such kinds of applications that let us use the cloud storage of the application while offering other useful features of software. Thus software that is lent out, sold or freely distributed to clients as an ongoing service is called as Software as a Service or SaaS. There have been many software delivery models in the short yet star spangled history of computing but no one enjoyed such wide ranging popularity and acceptance as SaaS.

SaaS definition

In most authentic technical definition SaaS or Software as a Service is a software delivery model the main characteristic of which is that the software, associated data and even client data in relation to the use of that software all would be in a cloud storage and consequently can be accessed from multiple devices using the internet.

Saas Uses and Popularity

According to expert estimates SaaS sales are increasing at a rapid speed every year and as all analytics indicate it would continue to be so because of multifaceted benefits of this software delivery model. For almost all major business applications SaaS has become the most popular software delivery model including customer relationship management or CRM, management software, enterprise resource planning or ERP, accounting, CAD and designing, virtualization, human resource management or HRM, content management, service desk management, database management and many more. Though SaaS is the most popular software delivery model in every functional field, until now segment wise CRM is the most popular and largest market for Software as a Service or SaaS.