What is Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things usually refers to the objects that are identified, which are represented virtually in an internet like structure. One of the major prerequisite for Internet of Things is Radio-frequency identification (RFID) and this can be inferred that a specific identifier in any thing could be helpful in monitoring the object via computer.

What is Internet of Things?

For a large part our sense of everyday reality is increasingly being refurbished and replaced by the emerging representation of them in the simulated world of web or internet and that is precisely what makes such a coinage 'internet of things' possible. Internet or web is no far from the thing world as the web presence of thing world through representations is increasingly becoming common and they pose a new range of technological maneuvers and environment.

For simple and easy understanding of the term we can refer to the world of products with their individual identities and bar codes that make them interconnected in a commercial world of information sharing where product movement is monitored through radio frequency tags ascribed to them and then the information is registered online for accounting and stock management. This is just one single aspect of what we understand by the term internet of things. Today from healthcare to retail to manufacturing all businesses and industries deal with their own internet of things.


Virtual representation of things or objects with their respective identity in information sharing platform or internet like structure is understood as internet of things. In a supply chain or retail mart all products or separate cartoons have their respective tag with bar code or representative number and in communication among the management, staffs and clients the movement of products are referred in regard to the particular code or number assigned to them. This network of things with their virtual identity is called internet of things.