What is Digital Relationship?

Digital Relationship is nothing but a relationship between the digital framework of communication without knowing each other in individual is called digital relationship. In this modern world the Digital Relationship plays vital role in modern business communication, social networking, consumerism relationship among people.

What is Digital Relationship?

Basically there is a lot of confusion concerning the meaning, importance and expanse of the term digital relationship. But as we are immersed already in the digital age and everything right from the entertainment to information sharing to health care tends to become increasingly digital we cannot think otherwise than to represent ourselves as the points of communication in the expanse of digital relationship. Digital means concerning digits or numbers and it refers nothing but to the technology driven environment we are surrounded with. A relationship across the digital framework of communication without being known to each other in person is called digital relationship. Digital relationship is the integral part of our modern business communication, social networking, consumerism and internet based relationship among people. Digital relationship is increasingly becoming the subject of marketing as well as management maneuvers and thus the terms like digital relationship marketing and digital relationship management came into prominence.

The core concept of digital relationship

A relationship signifies dependence and mutual understanding, but how can you expect to develop that when you do not know the communicating subject personally? But such is the expanse and encompass of digital relationship that let you come into univocal contract and mutual understanding using the space of technology, particularly information technology or information science. Unknowingly we get in touch with so many people on the space of social networking that are even not distantly related to our interests or personal history, yet simply accepting or being accepted through the option of friend request we stand together in a sharing platform with multiple focus areas, interests, purposes and sentiments. That is just the one common aspect of digital relationship widely known as social networking. Similarly we follow our favorite brands, products, celebrities, icons that again as per popularity or bigger trends become subject to new range of communication and marketing focus. Thus from e-banking to online shopping to e-mall you and me are always subject to digital relationship marketing that make us bind to our aspirations, choices and tastes of shopping over the web space of information network.

Digital relationship and values

For many people digital relationship signifies the decline of social values and normal social bond between the people. It is true that you no longer have that virgin impulse left in you to interact with a stranger and come out with something unexpected, for better or for worse. Today's values driving any type of relationship and communication are far away from such impulses and they only seem to be adventuresome epic to our age. But even within the vast expanse of purpose ridden communication in digital relationship what is most interesting is our chances of communicating beyond the so called boundaries of cast, creed, culture and geopolitical identities. If the huge heterogeneous mix of choice that the web space offers in making us succumbs to the forces of consumerism, we cannot overlook the positive aspect of this diffusion of limits between cultures and other identities in interacting with the emerging space of digital relationship.