What is Digital Relationship Marketing?

Digital relationship marketing is the new business strategy across the world to focus on online clients for online shopping and consumerist behaviors. In this Digital Relationship Marketing customer and service provider communicated with each others fluid information network or web space.

What is Digital Relationship Marketing?

Digital relationship marketing is increasingly becoming the focus of marketing across the large business establishments and gaining momentum with the stupendous increase in online clients and increasing popularity of online shopping and consumerist behaviors. Undoubtedly in a world too immersed in the technological interface or digitized way of handling things in everyday life digital relationship holds some key clues to how we can response to marketing initiatives and campaigns in the new era and thus digital relationship marketing became irreplaceable from most of the giant corporations business strategy or from gross business environment. Previously customer relationship management in a business to business or business to customer environment used to be endowed with far static parameters than the emergent fluid reality of new age digital relationship marketing. While relationship marketing of earlier era used to conceive the idea of direct customer response in an interactive space of marketing campaign, in the age of digital relationship marketing customer and service provider are always in touch over the fluid information network or web space and that makes the marketing more challenging in a level playing field.

What happens when relationship marketing goes digital?

The concept of relationship marketing juxtaposed to digital relationship marketing is not merely a upgrading of the old conception, but in many respects offers some new vistas of marketing concepts and strategies. The responsive and interactive structure of relationship marketing the sole object of which better customer engagement in the business process and consequent loyalty, has completely been transformed into the digital era. It is particularly significant in some key sectors like finance and banking, e-commerce and e-business platforms, tech and hardware devices and campaign through social networking sites.

Previously punctuality, responsiveness and satisfaction within the bindings of the business query used to be measured as qualitative aspects of a customer relationship framework, while now it is more than those typical stereotype ideas about customer satisfaction. In the digital relationship marketing you cannot just fill in the gaps and stay contented about the outcome, it is always about following the delicate layers of customer's pulse and emotions rather than just objective replies to what they asked for. We no longer just finish off in briefing the data anymore, rather we customized the shared content of information as per the mood, emotion and temperament and varying choices and the evolving web platform in variety of devices with its fluid space just helps us to figure the client identity better than ever before.

Concrete examples of digital relationship marketing

Let us come down to the practical way of how digital relationship marketing actually functions. We have already gone through a little bit of theoretical or exposure to make a fuller understanding of the concept and now let's boil down to some concrete instances of digital relationship marketing. Just think of the multitude of desktop or screen top applications developed and geared towards specific business purposes and user satisfaction. You are in a world where bill payment to banking to shopping to flight booking to travel itinerary to newspaper and media browsing, for all purposes and utilities there are multitude of convenient fast accessible applications. This is one way that the close connection between the client and business forces is experienced in a powerful way. Local search engine that offers restaurant menus to medicine outlet to health care information just on the screen of your phone, tab or other devices is another instance how relationship became digital and closer enriching experience on both sides.


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