What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is a recent technology that differentiate between real and virtual. Augmented Reality stimulates what we see, hear, feel and smell and functions by enhancing current perception of reality for an individual and thus helps us recognise what's real and what's computer-generated.

What is Augmented Reality?

The history of the human race would certainly mention the dawn of twenty first century and precisely the last few years with very very special attributes thanks to the typical simulated or augmented reality that is in making. Nobody have ever thought that the special effects on the silver screen of cinema would be dwarfed by our own created tech effects that unlike screen shots would be felt and manipulated like real objects. Such is the magic of augmented reality!

You are already feeling a bit apprehensive about the coinage of the term and expecting to stop this typical beating around the bush by coming with the definition itself. Wait, to your amazement you have experienced augmented reality so often in life and it was always your heartfelt wish live it through and through and see how it gains more splendor, more control! I am not sarcastic at all, it is every bit true. Didn't you set an ambition to buy a mobile devise that responds to your jerks of body, shaking of hands while you are messaging on the way to your workplace? Didn't you feel overjoyed seeing your 8 years boy is playing with real cars in the on a place that looks similar to where you stay? Yes, these are all responsive manifestation of technology that fluidly taking course to our everyday reality.


With the mediation of technology when your experience with the everyday reality becomes augmented it is called augmented reality. Augmented reality is the other name of the simulated reality that we experience in our surroundings with widespread mediation of technology and tech devices in our everyday perception of the world. Just think about the graphic presentation of a sports movement for spectator's analysis during a match. Your perception of the game is much aggravated with this technology driven graphic analysis and description of the reality in a simulated manner. That is precisely augmented reality. Just think of the numerous user specific applications that let you enjoy writing, reading, gaming and audiovisual experience on the phone or other computing devices with lots of improved features and specifications. While messaging your phone goes on suggesting you words that provide you the ease of typing with better speed and accuracy.

Areas that application of augmented reality is most awesome

Augmented reality is everywhere, from audio visual devices like television to computing, mobile devices and all sorts of fusion products. But definitely in the time to come some areas of technology are much fast paced in respect of development than others. Here are the top areas in respect of augmented reality to take shape in faster pace.

  1. Mobile phones and mobile computing devices
  2. Mobile phones or as commonly dubbed as smart phones with computing features and all sorts of fusion products like tablets, phablets make the most potential area for augmented reality to take shape. Already the wonder technology of using virtual keypad on your palm is in place while the actual phone rests in your pocket. In the time to come the actual phone sets might be replaced by the virtual screen that whenever you wish can open on the air just with the remote application of your device.

  3. GPS and remote sensing devices
  4. If mobile computing devices and corresponding applications represent the fastest maneuvering area of augmented reality then the next one is obviously the hi-tech GPS or remote sensing devices. Tracking objects, transportation and human being on the move is one of the top priorities of our time across various industries. Already GPS enabled walking stick is there to track the aged peoples or patients making movement. GPS enabled dog tracking or similarly GPS enabled wristbands for children can also be cited as the perfect instances of augmented reality.

  5. Audiovisual Media
  6. Audiovisual media and entertainment is certainly the third most proactive area to come with more devices and technologies to create augmented reality or simulated perception sharper. Just imagine the Twin Tower blast live footage and you can easily comprehend how audio visual representation with hi-tech camera visuals and graphic analysis in post coverage media sessions is more powerful to create a psychological impact than the event itself and in coming years the trend is only going to increase and develop in proficiency. A blast when magnified under the scanner of hi-tech media presentation is more vivid, panic infused and terrible and so is more valuable news entertainment. This is augmented reality. Same with sports media coverage, 3 dimensional films etc.

  7. Transport and on the wheel life
  8. Another area that is already sensing the inroads taken by the tech applications and their augmented reality for users is transport, be it public or private. Already driver less car is in place and so in future your computer application can drive your car remotely to drive you home safely. Sounds terrible, but with remote GPS tracking and sensors and real time communication on positioning the time is not far away when our car wheels will be controlled and maneuvered by the remote computers while we would make ourselves comfortable with other priorities in hand or a simply some relaxing chit-chat with our near and dear ones.

  9. Computer games and adolescent entertainment

Children and adolescents and their typical preferences for computer gaming and all activities on the screen where they find the taste of fulfilling their imagination is the most potential area that augmented reality is first spreading its roots. Already we see our little Jean is so involved with the truly real looking fighters in his computer game or those shiny brand new cars of sophisticated design on a neat metal road that he is racing on using his handheld device. While from school your child is asked to make a design of a house as part of activities to improve his skills in simple craft, he would first search for similar models in beautiful colors using a desktop application or searching online. Our little ones already know the smart and go-as-you-like world of computers and applications and in the time to come this is only going to increase.