What is an Enterprise Application Store?

Enterprise application store is the new marketplace where all enterprises and service providers can come up with their application designed for real time transaction and client communication. From delivering banking need through an application on mobile to shopping to flight booking, enterprise application store is fast replacing traditional transaction interfaces.

What is an Enterprise Application Store?

This month after years of your personal banking experience when you were suggested by an employee of the bank to use a simple application to manage all your transactions and banking queries just from the screen of your smart phone, you were just amazed at the possibility. This is just one small instance of how far enterprise application store is going to change our everyday utilities, interactions and overall our sense of communicating with the regular purposive reality of the world. Maybe the next month your son would begin to use the dedicated application of his institution to constantly be in touch with the schedule of classes and website of his institution.

You got perplexed so many times seeing that some of your close acquaintances or relatives just within flick of eyelids can tell you all about flight or train timings or about various specialty restaurants in your city thanks to the travel, local guide or ticket booking applications they are connected with on their handheld device. Such is the expanse of enterprise application store in our daily life which is expanding more at a rapid speed to deliver practically all utility services and purposeful maneuvers concerning all our practical vocations. Even while you are looking for some spiritual soothsaying from yesteryear's great masters, it is nevertheless there through a dedicated application of great quotes.


Technically speaking an enterprise application store is a web portal promoted by a company or enterprising organization through which the user can access, purchase or download software applications for practical purposes or maintaining purposive relationship with the promoting company. For instance downloading a bank application in your mobile device you can just connect to your bank, transact and submit queries and this would give you some sort of an experience akin to having the personal banking executive on your mobile screen. Through these applications while the institutions and enterprises are enjoying far better reach to clients and increased amount of transaction with increased presence in variable customer interfaces, clients or end users are equally benefited with the hassle free, least time consuming handy applications.

Benefits of enterprise application store

The benefits of enterprise application store are equally befitting to both business interests of corporate companies offering them and the clients. For a client it is just ready at hand opportunity to go through his preferred interaction or fulfillment of purposes, while for enterprises it is one way to scale up the transactions by being present virtually in every customer's handset. Let us have a look at some of the most prominent benefits of enterprise application store.

  1. Scaling up of business outlets
  2. If your application is being presented in millions of customer's mobile device, undoubtedly they are all functioning like separate smartly maintained outlets to cater to the varying client queries and different transactions. Thus being present in multitude of mobile devices you are actually scaling up company's network and transaction points with single cost of an application. Undoubtedly to scale up business volume enterprise application store is the smarter way now.

  3. More customized, error free service
  4. Most of the dedicated applications for providing client access and initiating transactions are basically instituted keeping in view of the varying preferences and taste. So unlike other typical standard e-business maneuvers or customer interfaces enterprise application store is choicer specific and consequently more customized. Secondly as most of the enterprise application store is offered in simple easy to navigate modules and formats, these tend to work almost error free in transaction or presenting any query.

  5. Far better way to become enriched with customer feedback
  6. Customer feedback is undoubtedly is one way to constantly put oneself into measurement and thereby initiating improvement and further upgrading, but in large organizations feedback and customer response in most cases remain a very neglected area that does not enjoy any proactive strategy or monitoring. Whereas in enterprise application store, the services and customer feedback are maintained, registered and monitored in real time. It is more than just that old feedback form that nobody bothers to feel up. In a business environment where enriching service through real time feedback plays a key role enterprise application store is undoubtedly a far smarter choice.

  7. Smarter and far less time consuming to save resources and cost
  8. Enterprise application store is the smartest way to present a company's service and offerings in an interactive as well as customized manner. While it is just working as a real time scaling up mechanism for business interactions and transactions, it is also saving for the company huge amount of resources, saving huge working time and these and all these are going to reduce the expenses and cost to a great extent. With enterprise application store your customer outlets are going digital and that is smarter enough for reducing cost as well besides scaling up the business process. Precisely for this reason enterprise application store is increasingly being dubbed as new and smarter marketplace.

  9. Far enhanced quality control
  10. When your whole service and customer outlet is present in an application store, you have the access to your client's preference and choices in real time. Monitoring and value judgment on transactions and client choices and preferences can be administered in real time while your services are accessed through application store. Undoubtedly this univocally translates in better quality control measures and more error free operations depending upon the real time feedback and monitoring. Enterprise application store let you monitor your market more accurately and naturally that results in far better quality control measures.

  11. Better security and KYC measures

Security of financial information and concerning transaction detail has been endangered many a time in online business space. Moreover maintaining security and privacy has always been viewed with skepticism in all online platforms. In enterprise application store this particular aspect is addressed most accurately. Mostly in an enterprise application that you are to deal with on your handheld device screen, all the information and personal detail are device specific to let you transact or interact only from the respective device itself by providing password, user name and other details. Compared to e-business applications they are far better in respect of security and maintaining privacy.