Email lookup Tool for Sales Teams: Shorten your Sales Cycle in Minutes

In this post we are exploring the Email lookup tools for sales team.

Email lookup Tool for Sales Teams: Shorten your Sales Cycle in Minutes

Do you want accuracy, efficiency, and target prospects to power up your sales outreach? But in today's fast paced sales environment, time is money. If you spend hours on the internet to find valid email addresses can be a major drain on productivity in your sales outreach.

This is where email lookup tools step in, acting as game-changers for sales teams. These tools help you find the right contact information quickly and efficiently. All this allows you to focus on building relationships and closing deals.

What are Email Lookup Tools?

Email lookup tools are software applications that are designed to identify and verify professional email addresses. They typically work by searching through massive databases of public information. It includes company websites, social media profiles, and professional directories. Some tools also work on proprietary algorithms to predict email formats based on a company's domain.  And all the individual's name and position can be detected through it.

Email Lookup Tools for Sales Teams

Market offers a wide range of email lookup tools for sales teams, each catering to specific needs and budgets. Here are a few of the most popular options that you can choose according to your needs. is a user-friendly option, that is a great fit for beginners and budget saving sales teams. It offers a free plan for basic searches which allows you to test the waters before committing. Other then the email addresses, also offers you an email verification. Through it, you can ensure your outreach reaches the intended recipient. Plus its, convenient Chrome extension empowers you to find active emails.


Do you prefer high accuracy in your email outreach? is your answer. It takes pride in delivering a high success rate for finding the right email addresses. Integration with popular CRMs makes a seamless addition to your existing sales workflow. Similar to, offers you a free plan with limitations. Alongside paid plans it gives you a higher volume of users.

Voila Norbert

Simplicity and accuracy are the the main features of Voila Norbert. This email finder is a straightforward solution. Which is ideal for those who prefer to get the right email address without any extra bells and whistles. It provides you with a free trial to test its service. But its paid plans are structured based on the number of searches you need per month.


Are you seeking for comprehensive solution for your sales teams? Clearbit does not give you just email addresses. It is a full fledged sales intelligence platform. Which offer you outreach efforts with valuable firmographic and demographic data about your prospects.
It can also offer a free plan for a limited number of searches. Its paid plans unlock advanced features that can significantly increase your sales prospects.


GetProspect stands for a vast database of verified contacts. GetProspect empowers you to filter through potential leads with great precision. You can target prospects based on various criteria, such as job title, location, industry, and company size. Just like and, GetProspect offers a Chrome extension. These Chrome extensions make it easy to extract email addresses directly from websites you visit during your research phase.

How do email lookup tools Benefit Sales Teams?

Email lookup tools for sales teams are beneficial for them shorten your sales cycle in minutes in the following aspects.

Increased Efficiency

Manually searching for email addresses is a time-consuming process.  Mostly considered as a  frustrating process. Email lookup tools automate this task, freeing up valuable time for salespeople to focus on core activities like crafting compelling outreach messages and engaging with prospects.

Improved Accuracy

Guessed email addresses can lead to a high bounce rate. It can impact your sender's reputation and deliverability. So, email lookup tools increase the high accuracy rates. Which ensures your outreach reaches the intended recipients.

Targeted Prospecting

Many tools allow you to search for emails based on specific criteria like industry, company size, and job title. So, emails lookup tools for sales teams enable you to build targeted prospect lists and personalize your outreach for better engagement.

Data Enrichment

Some email lookup tools other than to find the email addresses provide you with great offers. These tools can also provide additional information about your prospects, such as phone numbers, social media profiles, and even past purchase history. This enriched data can help you to reach your outreach strategy for maximum impact.

Streamlined Workflow

Several tools integrate seamlessly with popular CRMs and email marketing platforms. It allows you to seamlessly transfer found email addresses into your existing workflow. Which can eliminate the need for manual data entry.

Comparison Table of emails lookup Tools



Voila Norbert


Core Functionality

Email lookup & verification

High-accuracy email lookup

Verified contact database & filtering

Simple & accurate email finder

Sales intelligence platform (email + firmographic/demographic data)


User-friendly, free plan, Chrome extension

High email accuracy, CRM integration, free plan


Large verified contact database, filtering

Simple, accurate, free trial

Comprehensive data, powerful for advanced prospecting



Limited features in free plan

Free plan limitations, may require higher tiers


Limited search options compared to Clearbit

Lacks additional enrichment data beyond email

Paid plans can be expensive for basic needs



Free plan (limited searches), Paid plans

Free plan (limited searches), Paid plans start at $39/mo


Free plan (limited searches), Paid plans start at $49/mo

Free trial, Paid plans start at $39/mo

Free plan (limited searches), Paid plans start at $700/mo


How can you choose the right Tool?

Do you want the right tool for your sales team? When you select an email lookup tool, consider your specific needs and budget. Here are some key factors that you can consider while choosing the right tool.


The core function of any email lookup tool is to find valid email addresses. So, you should look for a service with a high success rate in uncovering the right addresses. Which targets your contacts more accurately. It ensures your outreach efforts. Through this, you reach the intended recipients and minimize bounced emails.


Other then the basic email finding, some tools offer you additional features that can enhance your workflow. So, you must consider these features during tool selection.  
Choose those tools that have narrow Search Filters. Through it you can search by criteria like job title, department, or location for more targeted prospects.
Data Enrichment features your contact information with additional details like phone numbers or social media profiles. CRM Integrations feature is also  integrate the tool with your existing CRM Customer Relationship Management. You should choose the software for streamlined contact management.



Email lookup tools come with various pricing models. Free plans often have limitations on searches or features. Paid plans offer more features and higher search volumes. Choose a plan that fits your budget and how often you'll be using the tool.

Ease of Use

A user-friendly interface is also be important. Especially for your sales team. Choose those type of tool should be easy to move and allow for quick searches. Look for intuitive interfaces that minimize training time and get your team finding the information they need efficiently.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

How does the work? helps sales teams find valid email addresses. It searches vast databases and uses algorithms to guess email formats for high accuracy. It also integrates with popular CRMs to streamline your workflow.


How long should a sales email be?

The ideal sales email length can vary. But it is best to keep it concise. Aim for between 50-125 words, or around 3-5 sentences. If you need more space, keep it under 200 words total. Focus on delivering a clear value proposition and a strong call to action.

Which tool is best for email lookup?


Picking the best email lookup tool depends on what you need most. is great for super accurate searches, while GetProspect lets you filter a huge database for targeted outreach. If you just need a simple and accurate tool, Voila Norbert is a good choice.

Final verdict!

Email lookup tools can be a game changer for sales teams by saving time. It also improves the accuracy, enables targeted prospecting, enriches data, and streamlining workflows. With a wide range of options available, consider your specific needs and budget when choosing a tool. You should be focus on accuracy, features like search filters and data enrichment, pricing, and ease of use to find the perfect fit for your team and increase your sales outreach efforts.