Biggest Technology Changes to Come in Next Decade

In relation to describe here the biggest technology changes to come in next decade we must perceive the indications in the tech changes of our time and in past decades. Here are our picks on biggest technology changes to come in next decade i.e. Biotechnology, Big Data Analysis, Cloud computing, Digital literacy, Intelligent Architecture, multimedia based education, Remotely controlled healthcare and many more.

Biggest Technology Changes to Come in Next Decade

Biggest Technology Changes to Come in Next Decade

In relation to describe here the biggest technology changes to come in next decade we must perceive the indications in the tech changes of our time and in past decades. Within just two consecutive decades before or after the dawn of the new millennium we experienced the biggest array of changes in the field of technology and tech interfaces of everyday life. These changes have been so gigantic and far reaching in effect that twenty first century modern life experienced the greatest transformation in the hands of technology itself. Among the wide array of changes that are taking place and are continuing to make the use of technology shift in more ways than ever some of the most prominent ones are particularly from the computing world, in delivery framework, devices, communication and collaboration channels, consumer interfaces and mobile computing based applications. While some of these gigantic changes like the increasing replacement of traditional computers and computing by the mobile devices are widespread and all sorts of applications are increasingly penetrating into our different lifestyle fields, in the time to come it is only going to be more rigorous to blur the separation between lucid computing maneuvers and solid material reality. Here are our picks on biggest technology changes to come in next decade.

  1. Implications of Biotechnology
  2. Biotechnology is already considered as the most promising field of healthcare and with gigantic research output that is further going to be irreplaceable for the treatment of many health disorders and for organic transplantations. Bionic limbs are already in place which is only going to develop in sophistication and maneuverability in the time to come. If bionic limb is one aspect, then stem cell research and incorporating stem cell replacement is another aspect that is going to take the implications of technology in healthcare further. With stem cell therapy a great array of challenging diseases in which cell level degeneration plays an important part can be successfully thwarted. Biotechnology and the array of biotech discoveries are going to present one of the revolutionary areas of biggest technology changes to come in next decade.

  3. Big Data Analysis
  4. With the proliferation of mobile computing to an astounding level the volume of data has reached to a gigantic limit and it is really amazing that more than 80% of data was created only in the past two years. This huge body of data comprising every computing communication, mails, social networking posts, videos and everything you share, save and put into use on the computer is accumulatively called Big Data which is increasingly being the subject of analytical purposes of various ends. Big Data analysis is the next big area of importance for assessment, discovering opportunity and analyzing potential. Though already the analytical use of Big Data is in place particularly for assessing consumer behavior and business potential in key rigorous sectors like retail, in the decade to come it is going to change the face of business analysis to the ultimate extent.

  5. Cloud computing will be the driving force
  6. Cloud storage and cloud computing is already a big force since the proliferation of mobile devices that are continuing to replace the traditional mode of computing. Especially as mobile applications and lucid non-device specific interactions are increasingly becoming the order of the day, it is more or less obvious that cloud computing in the coming decade would replace traditional computing. Thanks to cloud based applications and storage now you can access your data, do computing work, process information, share, mail, interact from anywhere irrespective of the devices and locations. With mobile computing in handheld devices fast replacing the traditional client side storage solutions and servers and device specific operation systems, the trend in few years time is only going to make a clean sweep creating access to data and computing.

  7. Speedier communication network will make the world even smaller
  8. Just think of the irony of the reality :- a tsunami in Japan has been sensitized faster through Facebook even before government agencies could signal high alert! Yes social networking made the world really a cozy place to live and in the time to come it is going to be even cozier. Some of the biggest technology changes to come in next decade will be experienced in social networking with ideas, information and entertaining content being shared in real time with more fluid pace making the world a smart place to interact where so called geographical barriers will not have any meaning except for cultural reference.

  9. Digital literacy is going to replace academic literacy
  10. One thing is already evident, that education and especially literacy is no longer going to be the same after the proliferation of handheld devices and technologies to a mass level. In coherence with this trend digital literacy is going to outpace even the common literacy and introduction to education for the coming generation of children and adolescents. In the years to come education aspirants will be more conversant and equipped with digital knowledge of information processing and handling devices than earlier times thanks to especially the wide range of small handheld digital devices with internet which are fast replacing the books as source of knowledge.

  11. Solar powered cities
  12. Energy is the greatest ever concern for our civilization with all sources of energy fast going to exhaust and as the demand for the electricity and energy is ever increasing thanks to our hi-tech life and lifestyle gadgets, solar power is increasingly being viewed as the next big alternative to play a big role in creating sustainable source of energy while causing least damage to the environment. Completely solar powered cities are being viewed as one of the biggest technology changes to come in next decade. Already a great number of cities have started to adopt the solar power to use in the local level and it is being viewed as clear indication to completely solar powered cities of future.

  13. Revolving and Intelligent Architecture
  14. Dynamic architecture or rotating architecture or revolving architecture or smart architecture, in whatever way you call them they are the new dimensions in the architectural design of our time which is just going to change the way we think of a building and correspond to its utility and aesthetics. A building floor that rotates or the twisting of the building to various dimensions to intelligent self regulating interior temperature and lighting, modern architecture has come up with an array of smartest way of corresponding to our sense of utilization of architecture and building structures which are only going to be more developed and widespread within the coming decade.

  15. More interactive, multimedia based education
  16. When e-learning was unearthed for the first time it was seen widely as a leap towards the digitization of education but ever since in every way the education system became more interactive, hi-tech and dependent on real time input through vast digital network. Most important of all with the reading technologies like electronic books, applications on the mobile devices being widespread on everyone's hand, education is no more about getting the knowledge and pouring them on papers but it is more about real time intelligence use, practice and sharing through being involved on the subject on a vast network using digital technology and devices. From taking notes to presentation to problem solving to career focused learning to professional exposure, in the digital space of education you do not need to wait for anything, because through a rewarding network of students and professionals study goes hand in hand with professional exposure.

  17. Virtual, lucid, mobile simulation of many things
  18. Everything is destined to go mobile as we are increasingly becoming dependent on our handheld devices for all our living needs, from shopping to education to contacting family doctors to getting the baby from the play school to self organizing to booking flight tickets. Tiny light applications on your 6 inch screen on hand take care of your different purposes and utilities just round the clock. You require a dieting information instantly just when you are cooking or need to know the traffic condition to calculate the time before you venture to go somewhere at the end of the day, you do not need to ask anyone or call any god dam service to know these, there are applications for every bit of your requirement. Lucid, simulated experience of mobile applications is encompassing every area of life at fastest speed and is one of the biggest technology changes to come in next decade.

  19. Remotely controlled healthcare

Remotely controlled healthcare services using digital technology, devices and applications is already in use in a big way which is only going to be the mainstream of healthcare in the time to come. With the development and proliferation of remote sensing and remote control technology that can share the medical data and media in the real time to make specialists and practitioners involved from various remote places, remotely controlled healthcare is going to be the order of the day in the coming decade elevating the standard and efficacy of healthcare practice to several notches.