Benefits of Open Source Software

Open source software is popular for their flexibility and open platform of development. Here you will be introduced with some of the most prominent benefits of open source software.

Benefits of Open Source Software

For the last few years several open source software completely changed our regular interaction with information technology and corresponding applications. Thanks to the wide array of benefits of open source software today's IT environment is much dependant on them. Open source software can be something like Android which is an operating system used today by millions of mobile devices or can be web browser like Mozilla Firefox or Linux Operating system or a typical voice over IT application like Asterisk. Let us know what exactly is called open source software and then the major benefits for which it is acclaimed as a software distribution model.

What is open source software?

Computer software that are distributed with its source code made available to everyone without any cost and when the copyright license of the software clearly mentions the right of everyone to study the software, develop and incorporate change in it and further distribute without needing to pay anything to the copyright holder, they are called open source software. The benefits of open source software are widely acclaimed as they provide a mutually collaborative environment for the global IT community and its huge beneficiaries in almost every walk of life. For instance just consider the android operating system which as an open operating platform for mobile devices has undergone so huge and polyphonic development in the hands of developers and programmers and presently is considered the most popular platform for any mobile devices and smart phones.

Top benefits of open source software

Being open source they are subject of open development by programmers and developers and thus this software distribution model is actually elevates the software standard with regular improvement attributes. Most importantly they are free to operate, obtain and develop and affordable to anyone. Here are some of the most prominent benefits of open source software.

More reliable and transparent

Open source software is more reliable as their faults and loopholes are open to the worldwide community of users who promptly addresses them in a open environment. Thus open source software creates a transparent and reliable environment of IT development that is beneficial to all.


One of the crucial benefits of open source software is its typical affordability. For most of the common users these software is a boost to their IT skill development as they can access these software for free and through them can elevate their IT skills and knowledge attributes.


Open source software are endowed with stronger security measures than the others simply because they are open and thus are subject to wide array of sources that detect their loopholes and improves their security attributes.


Open source software being open to the developers of various needs and backgrounds provide typically customized and user specific scopes of development. A business client or an organization can add their own tweak to the open source software and put it into their use.

Less resource intensive

Most of the open source software is very much flexible to be used simultaneously in upgraded and older devices, just because they are typically less resource intensive and requires much less upgradation than the others.

You have nothing to lose

The most important of all the benefits of open source of software is that you can always try the software to have a check whether it suits your specific purposes before actually deciding to go for it. In either cases it always comes for free and so while you have nothing to lose but there is every chance to be benefited.