What is Flutter App Development?

In this article we will explore the Flutter framework for Mobile Application Development. Flutter is a mobile application development framework from Google.

What is Flutter App Development?

Flutter App Development - Flutter a popular framework from Google for Mobile application development

Flutter is a mobile application development SDK from Google which is used for the development of mobile applications for Android, iOS from the same code-base. Flutter allows the developer to write one source code based, which then can be used for building applications for iOS and Android.

Flutter framework natively compiles the code for the Android and iOS devices. It allows developers to maintain a code base for both Android and iOS apps. Once developed and tested you can build your code for both Android and iOS devices.

Flutter apps Development

Flutter app development is getting very popular these days as using this framework developers can maintain source code for both Android and iOS apps. It is now more productive to maintain one code base for mobile apps. You can take full advantage of the SKD and technologies that Flutter provides for developing modern apps for mobile devices.

The Flutter framework from Google is relatively new, but in a short span of time its popularity increased very fast. Developers around the world are now switching to Flutter app development. This framework is powerful and used to create fully featured mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. Flutter is used to develop feature rich highly interactive mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

This is a cross-platform apps development framework, which can be used to develop high-performance, ui-rich cross-platform apps from a single code base. Freelance developers and enterprise organisations are using the Flutter framework for developing mobile apps. Flutter comes with a large collection of API and also there are many community supported API for Flutter platform.

On the licensing side Flutter framework is free and open-source, which is released under the BSD licence terms. Under this licence there is no restriction on the use of this framework for the apps development.

Flutter is a very popular framework and this is used to build applications in Google Ads, Google Cloud, and many others. Companies around the world are using this framework for their apps development. There are many jobs in Flutter apps development, and if you are planning to learn mobile applications development then you should learn Flutter framework also.

In which programming language Flutter is developed?

Flutter?s native code is actually developed using C/C++, Dart programming languages. Sometimes combinations of both these languages are also used. Flutter allows the developer to write code using the Dar, which is used by Flutter for writing code for user interface(UI). Using Dart for developing the code is very easy for the developers and its very productive.

There is support for calling native C/C++ libraries and other API?s in the applications. So, developers can use the existing third-party libraries in their application code. This helps in building apps fast with the help of pre-existing libraries. Flutter also allows the creation of native plugins that can be used further in the apps development.

What is Dart?

Dart is an open-source programming language which was developed by Google back in 2011, now Dart is used as a programming language for the Flutter application development. Dart programming language is C-style and easy to learn if you have prior experience in Java, C/C++, C#, Python or JavaScript programming. This makes exciting opportunities for the developers as they can easily and quickly learn Dart programming language and use it in the Flutter apps development.

Dart programming language is used to create the user interface in the Flutter based apps. The Dart programming language can also be used to create the UI for web applications. This programming language is inspired by JavaScript, Java, C#, so, developers can easily learn this language.

Dart supports classes, interfaces, functions just like other object oriented programming languages. Due to this developers can learn Dart quickly and use it for app development. So, Flutter is an easy to learn but very powerful language to develop cross platform apps.

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