20 Futuristic Technologies that are going to Change the World

Here we are going to introduce 20 futuristic technologies that are going to change the world.

20 Futuristic Technologies that are going to Change the World

Change around us is fast paced than ever before thanks to incredible array of new gadgets and technologies that are going to revolutionize life on the planet earth endlessly in the coming years. Just within one and half decade mobile computing and telephony changed the way we communicate, compute and perform living and working tasks in every possible way and that is just the beginning. As the gigantic array of research projects and tech trends unraveling many we can already predict a lot of new tech blusters or futuristic technologies in the time to come that are already in the making. Here we would introduce 20 futuristic technologies that are going to change the world soon.


 Solar powered flights

Though passenger boarding planes powered by solar power is still far down the road, already solar powered planes become a scientific success. In the time to come it is definitely going to make a huge difference as far as energy conservation is concerned by making it possible for planes to fly on the solar power only.


 Personalized medicine based on DNA sequencing

The whole healthcare is going to be revolutionized from this futuristic technology. Already personalized or tailor made medicine is a reality and in the time to come further research is going to take it to the next step by making it grounded on the personalized DNA sequencing. Just think based on the DNA structure of a person accurate and target oriented treatment will be prescribed producing greatest medical success.


 Zero carbon sustainable city

World's first zero carbon, sustainable and environment friendly city is in the making. It is going to offer 50,000 peoples residence just outside Abu Dhabi, gorgeous Arab city. The city from its transports to residence to other amenities, in every way of life and living it will be powered by solar energy and renewable power. In the time to come such absolutely sustainable energy efficient cities will be more commonplace.


 Bionic limbs controlled by brain signals

An artificial hand which not only looks similar to an original one but which is also complete with living skin and touch sensibility is already a reality. This gigantic leap in technological advancement in bionic research will further make it possible to offer bionic limbs controlled by brain signal. In one word to say the gap between an artificial limb and original one will only decrease over time and will become a godsend grace for people who lost their near and dear limbs.


 Smart and flexible architecture

Smart architecture that can flexibly change its shape or revolve or can display changing information or can communicate with other signals or computing inputs are already taking shapes in many cities. Recently the revolving tower of Dubai has attracted attention of everyone thanks to its architectural brilliance that made every separate floor built in a rotating way. With the floors capable of rotating the whole architecture will be revolving offering a fascinating virtual experience still uncommon with any building in the world. Smart and flexible architectures will rule the cityscapes of world's major cities, that is a sure prediction.


 Personal 3D printing

Making objects as per your requirement and design wishes through using 3D printers is still not available for everyone and if you are rich enough to spend a hell lot of money you can get the privilege of having and using one 3D printer. But in the time to come this will be a common technology to offer a great array of maneuvers for all sorts of people.


 Custom made organs

Just like 3D printers that can produce numerous objects 3D bio printers are already there offering cell by cell production of body organs. Yes, though it has just been developed and started experiments in producing organs, it can as well be taken as the first major step towards custom made organs which is sooner or later going to be a reality.


 More humanly robots

Robots are going to smile or going to copy your frenzied steps on the dance floor? All these and many more possibilities are opening up with the gigantic and latest range of developments in robotics. Recently there have been significant leaps in the robotic research offering robots that can perform a lot of humanely tasks.


 Light Peak technology facilitating super high speed data transfer

Considering the speed at which futuristic technology and research advances still we are in primitive stage as far as data transfer is concerned. Light Peak technology which is already in the making to make fastest ever data transfer possible will change the way we move data between gadgets. Several gigabytes (even a terabyte) of data in a second, that kind of speed in data transfer may seem to be too futuristic, but is not very far.


 Flying cars

A dynamic car would wheel behind the city roads and fly in the air to avoid traffic jam underneath, that is not entirely science fiction anymore as such cars are already there awaiting for mass market. Flying cars would leave the present day transportation as obsolete and with it we will encounter a reality where anything can happen thanks to technology.


 Driver less cars

Google has already come up with its driverless or self driving car, but it is still not out on the road. Several cities including London are making separate roads for this new mode of futuristic transportation and it is soon going to be an everyday reality.


 Crash proof cars

Ace car manufacturer Volvo is already working on a cash proof car that is expectedly going to hit the road by 2020 or even earlier. The car will be powered by radar, sonar and all state of the art driver alert systems making it almost impossible and unlikely for the pilot of the car to crash his vehicle. If this futuristic technology in transportation becomes a success it is undoubtedly going to be life saving kind of tech brilliance that would make millions happy.


 Self charging mobile phones


Already future ready wrist watches are in the making that takes power from the kinetic energy produced by our body or from the energy spent in our body movement. In the time to come similar thing is going to change the way we become concerned about charging our mobiles or handheld devices. Mobile phones in the near future will be run y the kinetic energy drawn from our body movement.


 Nano technology in clothing

Nano technology itself cannot be dubbed as a futuristic technology but as far as the expanse of its use in clothing is concerned, it is no doubt going to offer huge unforeseen range of benefits to the users. Nano fibers are going to make the clothing tremendously durable and comfortable. Nano generators in clothing fibers will help to produce kinetic energy from our body movement and other forms of physical energy like perspiration. Hydrophobic nano fibers in cloths are going to make it completely water resistant.


 Brain computer interface to make paralyzed walk

When someone is paralyzed his thought process is on and if this brain signal can be directed to move mechanical limbs attached to the body using a brain computer interface we can actually make paralyzed walk. That is already a proven certainty that scientists came as a breakthrough success of their research and in the near future further development in this regard can make it practically possible.


 Fusion reactor - next big solution to power problem


Just think of the atomic technology that utilizes the chain reaction potential of tiny atoms and produces massive energy like an atomic blast or other positive uses. The logic behind the fusion reactor is almost the same. It is all about producing infinite energy from a tiny mass of resources. In the southern France the fusion reactor is being built that would be ready within 2019. Fusion reactor already seems to be the greatest promise to put an end to our energy concerns.


 Portable laser pens to heal wounds

Laser beams are already seen to be capable of many things and in the medical field the scientific research has shown its potential in sealing human wounds or cuts and bruises to prevent blood secretion. In the time to come this can be available in providing emergency medical solution in areas or situations where treatment or surgical competence is not available. In a deserted place in a jungle terrain, suppose you have got a massive cut in the leg and blood is gushing out and then a laser pen can seal the wound quickly and at least will help you to buy enough time before you seek appropriate medical intervention.


 Space tourism becoming commonplace tour option

It is now a billionaire's business to travel in the space or having an experience of a half circle tour in the earth's orbit. But such fascinating tour experience being less costly in the near future a space tour is going to be the next big hot travel option for many people, yes, even for common adventurers as well.


 Translating speech to speech in real time


When someone speaks to you in a foreign language the audio receiver automatically translates it and in real time speaks it out in your own tongue. Such kind of technology will abolish the language barrier forever. As real time translation of text and corresponding voice over is already available with some gadgets, real time speech to speech translation is the next leap we can expect.


  Space elevator


This is probably the most gigantic kind of futuristic technology to shape now. A Japanese farm announced making a 36,000 km elevator to let us reach in space without conventional spacecrafts. Seems promising, especially when they have made an estimated time frame of just 40 years! 40 years is not that big to wait for such a tech maneuver that would wheeze us all the way to space just on an elevator!