10 Unusual Technologies to Come in a Big Way

To predict future, especially when it comes to technology is really a tricky business and we know the flip side of it all too well. There are some unusual technologies to come in a big way in the time to come. From 3D printing to, controlling brain impulses through computer to use of kinetic energy in the human body.

10 Unusual Technologies to Come in a Big Way

10 Unusual Technologies to Come in a Big Way

To predict future, especially when it comes to technology is really a tricky business and we know the flip side of it all too well. But considering the signs of symptoms of modern tech devices and trends that are already too much evident we can at least make a fair prediction on the devices and technologies that are bound to play a bigger role in the immediate near future to come. While some tech devices and technologies are already dominant in all respects there are some unusual technologies to come in a big way in the time to come. From 3D printing to, controlling brain impulses through computer to use of kinetic energy in the human body to charge the batteries to wearable electronics and internet ready garments to paying bills by swapping the cell phone or handheld device instead of using cards, the coming decade is going to unfold a great array of magical developments. Here is our picks on the 10 unusual technologies to come in a big way.

  1. Telepresence Robot
  2. To supplement your presence in a realistic and timely way at the time of your need and business Telepresence robot is already there which is going to encompass more and more work environments in the time to come. Yes, the technology of supplementing your presence in many crucial communications with a remotely controlled robot has already made its successful entry in some of the largest tech savvy business environments and only going to be widespread in the time to come. Your robot can attend a meeting on your behalf while you stay in touch from thousands miles away or your robot on your behalf can take the calls, make necessary announcements and communicate on your behalf. Supplementing our few feet tall human presence with robotic maneuvers has started long ago and this one is just another leap forward towards that trend.

  3. 3D printed Simulation
  4. 3D printing as well know just can copy anything from the living environment, in color, contour, texture, dimension and size. As 3D printing is continuing to be more hi-tech and sophisticated within a few years, in the time to come it would be able to duplicate any environment to your taste. Just think you always loved to sit in a dinning place which is surrounded by natural greenery or at least you loved to have your mouthful in an atmosphere that make you feel that plush smoothness of green leaves all around, now with the incorporation of 3D printing technology it is no longer going to be a dream to create such an environment right inside your dining room. Yes, surprisingly enough but it is true that you can just make your walls look as though covered with molasses thick molasses if you wish thanks to 3D printing and unquestionably it is one of the few unusual technologies to come in a big way in the near future.

  5. Paying through swiping your Cell phone
  6. This one is the hottest new technology that is going to be embraced by all in a quick time, maybe just within a couple of years. Just think you even do not need to carry a purse full of bank cards for paying bills and making transactions, instead you can just do all your monetary transactions by just swapping your cell phone against a receiver slot that perfectly reads the digital information from your cell phone screen. Maybe as the next big leap you can even expect withdrawing cash just using your cell phone instead of punching or swapping your cards. In any case if once cards were a great advancement to replace the hazard of carrying cash, this new one is actually going to make your cell phone work like a wallet. Make sure your digital wallet is charged enough!!

  7. Linking Brain with Computers
  8. Way back in seventies of the preceding century when brain computer interface was first unearthed opening great array of possibilities for the healthcare and future researches in that regard, it was mainly perceived as for its revolutionary outputs in assessing, augmenting and repairing sensory or cognitive motor functions in the brain. But within just few decades it almost came to produce another big leap for the modern science and is undoubtedly dubbed as one of the unusual technologies to come in a big way. Yes, it is no more just some weird imaginations to think of taking control of the brain by downloading necessary instructions right from the computer to the brain or change the thought process or even erase bad or harmful memory for an individual. All of these are though still now at an experimental level, in the time to come is going to change our life entirely.

  9. Batteries that are charged through body's kinetic energy
  10. Those days are already becoming extinct in our memory when we used to see our cell phones and electronic gadgets suffer from the shortage of electric charge thanks to powerful battery backup technologies that promises to run a device for days. But even sharper technology is just waiting to hit the mass market in short time which is going to make the concern over charging just evaporate like smokes! Just think even when the city is engulfed under an unusual power cut or even when you no longer can access any point of electricity in a remote place of human habitat, your cell phone is not going to be switched off ever thanks to new technology that make the phones and devices take charge from the kinetic energy produced by the body itself. A light jogging or a brisk walk or an athletic run is not just good for shedding few extra pounds of fat but can equally be purposive to charge your pocket held devices.

  11. Internet enabled garments
  12. Wearable electronics for some time now regularly making news, especially it is increasingly becoming popular in high-funda fashion category but undoubtedly they are still a far away from hitting the mass market and taking and creating a sensation among consumers as the hottest thing to possess. On the contrary just think of any portable internet ready devices and instruments and you will see the gigantic popularity. So as soon as all these wearable electronics and tech garments are internet ready they may surpass the popularity of even cell phones and handheld devices. Won't you like your favorite Youtube video to run on your wrist while you drive to office? Internet enabled garment is not only one of the unusual technologies to come in a big way, but it may even replace many popular internet devices in the near future.

  13. Glocal Communication
  14. World is no more divided into global and local, but we live in a fluid reality of communication and multiplicity that smells heterogeneous and thoroughly infused with elements that are local and global at the same time, and this reality has a new name to describe itself more accurately - Glocal. The interconnection and inseparable bond between global and local has never been felt with such intensity. From social media to communication to tech interface, every modern area of living is dominated equally by local and global and in many cases local is becoming global and becoming scaled up and there is no sign of stopping of this trend in the near future.

  15. Virtual screen and keyboard
  16. Yes one or two latest or upcoming handheld devices already shown a glimpse of this sophisticated new leap in smart features, but this is only going to be more widespread in the time to come. You can just make a virtual keyboard appear like a shadow on your palm and while you are actually tapping on your palm you are dialing the phone or instructing the phone. Similarly you can make the high definition visual appear before your eyes virtually while the actual phone screen is much smaller than this. So keyboard and screen both in the time to come can be used virtually on the air while the actual devise will remain in the pocket.

  17. Adaptive devices and environment
  18. When we talk of smarter tech environment our vision may be limited to typically a few devices and their technological deliverance, but in the near future or in few years to come the whole environment can be adaptive to our information need. A so called city wall which was previously was full of political graffiti or commercial advertisement can be enough informative and interactive to support your information need. For instance city parks may advertise current weather information as soon as there is any prediction of heavy rainfall or cyclone. The high rises can revolve as per the necessity of adapting to sun light, make room for high traffic, your car can automatically make you introduced with wave of information directly through internet as per the time of the day so that even if you forget to turn on the evening news you would never miss the headlines thanks to the technology of adaptive environment.

  19. Light Peak Technology - Data transfer @ 100GB per Second or More

To talk of unusual technologies to come in a big way we cannot help ourselves but to stumbleupon this question of data transfer speed. While still the technology of internet based data transfer is only promising at its best a few megabytes per second speed, with the Light Peak technology already is in place very soon we may experience data transfer speed of 100GB per second or more and definitely it would have revolutionary impact as far as the output of technology is concerned.