What is web hosting and its types

In this section we are discussing web hosting and we will understand about the types of web hosting.



What is Web Hosting?

This article is discussing about the Web Hosting and explains the features of web hosting. You will learn about the types of web hosting. This guide will also teach you how to choose the best hosting plan/server for hosting your website.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is simply putting the web pages on an computer connected to the Internet and accessible as a domain name. So, through web hosting you ca offer your content/work to the users of the Internet to accessible through your domain name.

In Web Hosting you have to register a domain, buy the hosting space, create web pages for your website and finally upload it on your hosting server.

User all the world will then find your website through various means such as your emails, personal promotions and through the search engines. So, after creating your website you have to promote it to internet users through Search engines, social lists and by other media.

Based on the importance of your content and the promotion in various media you will start getting the traffic on your website. If your website is really useful you may get huge hits and it comes the work of good hosting sever to server your pages.

Importance of Web Hosting Server

Through web hosting server you data is sent to the users of the Internet. Your web hosting server should be secure and powerful enough to handle growing demands of the hosting requirements.

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