Dedicated Hosting Service


Dedicated Hosting Service

In this section we are discussing about the Dedicated Hosting Service which is used to host the high traffic website.

In this section we are discussing about the Dedicated Hosting Service which is used to host the high traffic website.

Dedicated Hosting Service - Ideal for hosting high traffic website

In this article we are discussing the details of the Dedicated Hosting services and learn the features of it. You will learn how to choose the dedicated hosting for hosting your applications.

The dedicated hosting is all about leasing a Server or server space in a data center and then run your application on it. You rent the server from a hosting company and then host your application. In this case hardware will be provided by the Hosting Company. In second form form dedicated hosting you can rent the space in the Hosting environment and then place your server there. So, in both the cases you will get the full control of your server and you are free to host as many number of application on the rented server.

The dedicated hosting is also know as dedicated server or a managed hosting service, and in this type of hosting you will get the full control of your server. You can use this server to share the space to host the as many website as you want.

But in most of the cases dedicated hosting is used to host the heavy traffic website or enterprise applications. You will get the full security of your application and the server.

There are many ways you can secure your server and applications. The software firewall and intrusion detection software can be used. Also the hardware firewall can also the configured to monitor your server.

In the dedicated hosting you will have the full control of your server, you can install any OS, software and the packages.

There are also a term which is very popular is 'Complex Managed Hosting', here in this case customer uses a combination of dedicated, hybrid servers and the virtual servers.

Before choosing the dedicated hosting it is very important to choose the right hosting service provider. The dedicated hosting service provider should provide 99.9% uptime guarantee as well as 24x72x365 support. These criteria is very important as anytime you might need the help of the support team. So, the excellent support team is a must requirement in a dedicated hosting.

The dedicated hosting service provider should be able to give the best service.


Benefits of the Dedicated hosting

The dedicated hosting service offers the following features:

  • High Performance,
  •  Security
  • Email Stability
  • Full control over the server

As the cost of the dedicated hosting is high it is mostly used by the website getting huge volume of traffic.

Data Bandwidth

While purchasing the hosting server and the hosting plan you should calculate your bandwidth requirements and then choose the right plan.

Server Management

The Server Management is also a big task and it should be done proficiently. There are many software that comes with the hosting server that can be used to manage the sever. Here are the following that you should be aware if you are running or planning to take the Dedicated Hosting Server:

  • Operating system updates - You should choose the right operating system for hosting your applications
  • Application updates - The hosting service provider should patch the server with application and software updates
  • Server monitoring - The Server monitoring software can be used to monitor the up-time and performance of the server.
  • SNMP hardware monitoring - This is also important to monitor the server
  • Application monitoring - You should monitor your application for their up-time, performance and errors.
  • Application management - If you are using the many application then there should be software for easy management of your applications.
  • Technical support - The technical support staff of the hosting company should be able to sort out server issues
  • Firewall services - Both hardware and software firewall can be used with dedicated hosting server
  • Anti-spam software - There many Anti-spam software which can be used
  • Antivirus updates - For securing your server against viruses threat
  • Security audits - Weekly or daily security audit is necessary
  • DDoS protection and mitigation - There should be plan for protecting your server against DDoS
  • Intrusion detection - Software for intrusion detection is necessary
  • Backups and restoration - System for backing up your server and restoring is necessary
  • Disaster recovery - There should be good plan for disaster recovery
  • DNS hosting service - Good and necessary
  • Load balancing - If you are running applications on multiple servers then the load balancing and monitoring is necessary
  • Database administration - Administration of the database is very important for getting the maximum output from the server.
  • Performance tuning - There should be plan for the performance tuning of the server as well as the applications.
  •  Software installation and configuration - The well trained staff should be assigned the work of software installation and configuration.
  • User management - Only an authenticated user should be able to work on your server.
  • Programming consultation - The Programming consultants should work on for your applications.

Services with Dedicated Hoting

While purchasing the dedicated host you can buy different level of support for managing the server. Dedicated Hosting service provider provides the following server management services support:

  • Fully managed - Here the responsibility of the hosting provider includes monitoring of the server, running software updates, reboots of the server if necessary, adding security patches and upgrading the operating system.
  • Managed  - Here in this case medium level of server management, server monitoring, software updates, and a limited support is provided. Client handles the rest of the server management work.
  • Self-managed - Here hosting service provider provides the regular monitoring of server and little maintenance. Customer is responsible for other activities of the sever maintenance and management .
  • Unmanaged - Here in case of unmanaged dedicated hosting very little support is provided by the hosting service provider. Client should perform all the maintenance activities.

This was the detailed discussion about the dedicated hosting environment and the server.

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