Cold Fusion Hosting


Cold Fusion Hosting

In this section we are discussing about the Cold Fusion Hosting.

In this section we are discussing about the Cold Fusion Hosting.

Cold Fusion Hosting - Hosting on the Cold fusion enabled software

This article is discussing about the Cold Fusion Hosting, A type of hosting where Cold Fusion runtime is installed and it allows to run the applications developed in the Cold Fusion programming language.

Let's see what is Cold Fusion?

The Cold Fusion is rapid application development framework and platform which was invented by Jeremy Allaire and JJ Allaire in 1995. The Cold Fusion is commercial software system, which is using the CFML (Cold fusion Programming language) for the development of software.

Initially Cold Fusion was designed to add the database functionality in the web application, so that web application can interact with the database. In simple words it can help the developers to write the code for connecting the HTML pages to the database.

By the Version 2 in the year 1996, it has comes the full grown platform with th IDe support and full scripting language for web application development.

Cold Fusion comes with the scripting language know as CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language). The CFML is scripting language which is similar to the ASP, JSP, PHP and other scripting language used in web application development.

The syntax of the Cold Fusion scripting language is much like the HTML syntax and it can be used to develop the dynamic database driven applications.

Main Features of the Cold Fusion

  • It provides the way to easily access the database
  • Support for the client and server cache
  • Client-side code generation through widgets
  • Support for converting the HTML to PDF
  • Support to access the data/integration with the Active Directory, LDAP, SMTP, POP, HTTP, FTP, Microsoft Exchange Server and common data formats such as RSS and Atom
  • Support for full text indexing and search through  Apache Solr
  • GUI for administration of the application and system
  • Support for server clustering

So, there are many benefits of using the Cold Fusion for the development and deployment of applications.

There two ways you can host your website on Cold Fusion Hosting server:

  • Shared Server: If your application is not very big and traffic is not high then you can go for the shared hosting server
  • Dedicated Server: You an use the dedicated server if your application is heavy and huge traffic is coming to your website

What you will get with Cold Fusion Hosting?

Cold Fusion Hosting server provides lots of features for deploying and maintaining the applications running of the server. Here are the details:

  • Administrating panel for administrating your applications
  • Statics for your website traffic
  • Support for the database
  • Enhanced Adobe Flash Platform integration
  • Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) Support - For developing the application based on ORM framework
  • Supportt for ColdFusion Builder
  • Adobe AIR local/remote database synchronization support
  • Support for the Dynamic Ajax controls for developing the dynamic applications easily
  • You will be able to Generate PDF Documents Dynamically
  • Software for  Enterprise Server Monitor
  • Support for the .NET
  • Support for the integration of Adobe Flex
  • Support for the Multi-Threading for getting the maximum output from your server
  • API for manipulating the images dynamically
  • Support for the ZIP and JAR files

Cold Fusion software and the platform enables you to dynamically build, deploy and maintain the enterprise internet based web applications. It provides good performance and has support for clusturing.

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