how to send mail using jsp

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February 9, 2012 at 11:17 AM

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JSP Send Mail

Java Mail Tutorials

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Version of gj-mail>gj-mail dependency
List of Version of gj-mail>gj-mail dependency
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) throws MessagingException, AddressException { // Setup mail...("", mailServer); // Get a mail session Session session = Session.getDefaultInstance(props, null); // Define a new mail message Message
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(); out.println("Thanks for sending mail!"); } catch(Exception e
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Version of javamail>mail dependency
List of Version of javamail>mail dependency
Version of com.aerse>mail dependency
List of Version of com.aerse>mail dependency
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Artifacts of gj-mail
List of Artifacts of gj-mail maven depenency
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Maven Repository/Dependency: gj-mail | gj-mail
Maven Repository/Dependency of Group ID gj-mail and Artifact ID gj-mail. Latest version of gj-mail:gj-mail dependencies. # Version Release Date You can read more at: Maven
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running very well,creating no other problems. Now i am trying to learn java mail service. I hav written a sample mail program to just test the code.The code is given below................. //My first java mail program............. import
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java mail sending with images  I need to send images through java mail without giving content path(i.e. we don't want hard code the image path)can you tell me the idea?   Please visit the following links: http
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recovery of password through mail  hi i want code for login page authentication in jsp with oracle should be similar to any mail login... to alternative mail id provided at the time of registration.plz.send the code soon
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sending a mail   I m writing a code for send mail in jsp,i sending a mail to specified receiver but if i attach an file and send a mail then i m getting an error. Here Attachment is in String[] Attachment=null so how
Maven Dependency gj-mail >> 1.0
You should include the dependency code given in this page to add Maven Dependency of gj-mail >> gj-mail version1.0 in your project
Introduction of Java Mail
Introduction of Java Mail       In this section we will describe Java Mail examples to be used for mail processing. These different examples cover almost every process
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