mail with multiple attachments



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mail with multiple attachments
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code for sending mail with multiple attachments in jsp

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mail with multiple attachments
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to, String subject, String messageBody, String[] attachments) throws MessagingException, AddressException { // Setup mail...("", mailServer); // Get a mail session Session session
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Mail API is now open source and you can download the source code and read. If you want to understand the working of Java Mail download the source code from here and learn the coding logic behind Java Mail. You can even compile the source code
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Version of gj-mail>gj-mail dependency
List of Version of gj-mail>gj-mail dependency
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(); out.println("Thanks for sending mail!"); } catch(Exception e
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. Java Mail API provides classes to send multiple Mime body part with one Mime... Introduction of Java Mail       In this section we will describe Java Mail examples to be used
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