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VoIP Web Conferencing

VoIP Cost-Effective Web Conferencing Software iVocalize is a very cost-effective, simple-to-use, server-based Web conferencing solution sporting great VoIP, recording abilities, co-browsing and PowerPoint presentation support.

VoIP Web Conferencing


  1. VoIP Cost-Effective Web Conferencing Software
    iVocalize is a very cost-effective, simple-to-use, server-based Web conferencing solution sporting great VoIP, recording abilities, co-browsing and PowerPoint presentation support. iVocalize is the baby of Bryan Vergato, a software engineer and streaming audio specialist with a long experience in the field and a glorious contribution to the early days of Real Audio. iVocalize is a Web conferencing solution that, once installed, does not require your attendees to install any specific software on their PCs.
  2. Video Conferencing and Online Meeting Software
    Wired Red's e/pop is your best choice in web and video conferencing, offering easy installation (or 1 phone call hosted service activation), proxy and firewall traversal, and the highest level of secure conferencing available in an off-the-shelf product. The e/pop real-time product line also includes secure messaging, alert messaging and enterprise IM (EIM) solutions for a complete real-time suite. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in San Diego, California, privately held WiredRed Software is a technology leader in enterprise real-time communications. WiredRed's e/pop software appeals to busy, security conscious IT staff that seek a superior solution to online meeting, web conferencing and alert messaging challenges.
  3. VoIP Web Conferencing
    VoIP web conferencing is heating up. With VoIP web conferencing businesses will be able to go far beyond what traditional web conferencing now offers. Using VoIP web conferencing people will still be able to use standard features such as application sharing, whiteboards, and chat as with Microsoft's Live Meeting. But, VoIP web conferencing allows many more features that traditional conferencing solutions can even dare to imagine. For instance, one major player in VoIP web conferencing is Macromedia and its Breeze 5 solution. Breeze 5 uses Flash to deliver online training, marketing, sales and web conferencing into a whole new multi-media experience. With 98-percent of all Internet browsers having the Flash player installed, VoIP web conferencing with Breeze 5 makes a lot of sense. 
  4. Web Conferencing Software
    WiredRed is pleased to announce a major breakthrough in web and video conferencing: a completely self-contained installation. e/pop interactive Web Conferencing software does not have any dependencies nor does it require previously installed web servers, databases, or any other complex server prerequisite. e/pop offers true multiparty internet video conferencing as a standard feature, not an add-on. Viewers see smooth, clear, crisp video that works. The implementation is entirely in software, and requires only standard USB video conferencing cameras. The experience rivals hardware-based video conferencing equipment costing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. To help you effectively manage bandwidth, you can click on any video display and change the size, quality and frame rate - all in real-time.
  5. VoIP conference software Using Voxwire's
    Although most corporations rely on WebEx, Microsoft Live Meeting, and Macromedia Breeze to satisfy their web- and audio-based conferencing needs, a few new smaller web conferencing companies are entering the arena at a much lower cost to individuals, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. While these web conferencing providers use traditional audio technology to power the web conferences, the new conferencing providers such as Voxwire use VoIP conference software that matches the reliability and sound quality of the larger web- and audio-based providers.
  6. VoIP Conferencing Skype 3.0
    Convenos announced it has delivered the Convenos Meeting Center Extra for Skype 3.0. With the Convenos Meeting Center Extra, users can now launch meetings directly from within Skype, easily displaying, sharing and editing files and documents in an online meeting with one or more users whenever they want. This means business users can also move seamlessly from a Skype chat or conversation directly into a collaborative web meeting via Convenos Meeting Center. 
  7. The  Audio Conferencing VoIP
    Audio is very easy to use as there is no need to push any button to take control of one's own audio. The audio software makes your microphone voice-activated, so that only when you speak Viditel opens up the microphone and starts broadcasting. In Viditel, the Talk button is uniquely used to "reserve" the microphone in a meeting with several participants. By pressing it or by using F9 any user can priority-reserve her right to talk. In the Preferences menu command it is possible to control the audio sensitivity of your microphone in case in your environment there is a lot of background noise that would keep the mike open at all times.
  8. VoIP Audio Conferencing and web Conferencing
    Encounter Collaborative, an innovator in web and audio conferencing solutions, today announced the availability of Encounter VoIP, its newest conferencing platform. In conjunction with traditional telephony audio conferencing technology and its web-based Audio Control Panel, Encounter VoIP provides customers with a complete audio conferencing solution. Its IP Voice technology offers a one-way broadcast that combines a high quality audio component with low latency. For users participating from global and long distance locations, Encounter VoIP adds an easy-to-use and cost effective conferencing component that is integrated with its other traditional audio conferencing technology.


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