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VoIP Software

VoIP Telephone Solutions If you have a fast connection to the Internet (say 64kbps or more) you should consider Voice Over IP (VoIP) as a solution to your telephone requirements. This applies to Broadband, DSL and T1 connections. A normal broadband conne

VoIP Software


  1. VoIP Telephone Solutions
    If you have a fast connection to the Internet (say 64kbps or more) you should consider Voice Over IP (VoIP) as a solution to your telephone requirements. This applies to Broadband, DSL and T1 connections. A normal broadband connection will allow many simultaneous VoIP calls. Once you change to using VoIP you can install software to do the telephony work, including working as a PBX or telephone key system, call recording, voice mail, on-hold messages or simply to work as a telephone. There are some benefits of VoIP are included here:-* Cheaper calls. * Ability to use software to handle calls instead of needing to buy hardware. * Easier routing of calls if you are working on a computer. * Better interaction with software based telephony automation. * Fewer hardware issues . 
  2. What is free VoIP software?
    Ekiga is an H.323 compatible videoconferencing and VOIP/IP-Telephony application that allows you to make audio and video calls to remote users with H.323 hardware or software (such as Microsoft Netmeeting). It supports all modern videoconferencing features, such as registering to an ILS directory, gatekeeper support, making multi-user conference calls using an external MCU, using modern Quicknet telephony cards, and making PC-To-Phone calls. Twinkle is a soft phone for VoIP communications using the SIP protocol. You can use Twinkle for direct IP phone to IP phone communications or in a network using a SIP proxy to route your calls.
  3. VoIP Software for your business
    When switching to VoIP for your business, be sure to spend time comparing and evaluating multiple VoIP software options. Because so much of the system is controlled by the software, you?ll want to make sure that the user interface (UI) is understandable and that you?ll be able to do everything you need to manage your VoIP system. VoIP software greatly simplifies the Move, Add, Change (MAC) process. Instead of requiring a phone technician to rewire things in the PBX closet, VoIP software lets you configure your system on your computer. Some VoIP software includes a web interface, allowing the phone system vendor to diagnose problems and make changes without even requiring a site visit. This means lower ongoing costs, since you won?t need to call your vendor for every MAC. 
  4. Microsoft primes VoIP software
    Microsoft, which has high hopes that the convergence of voice and data networks will allow it to get into the unified communications market, is ready with its first test software for running business phone systems. In June, the software behemoth touted its plans for the market. This week, it's launching a private beta, which will allow about 2,500 people to try out its call-handling software, known as Office Communications Server. Chris Cullin, a director of product management in Microsoft's unified communications group, said: "Obviously, this is an important milestone toward that vision. This is the first time that the voice components of that vision will be available for customers. In its last version, the product was known as Live Communications Server and existed mainly to allow instant messaging and to determine who at a company is online at any given time.
  5. VOIP Billing Software
    VOIP-Pro is Inovaware's VOIP billing and provisoning software module and is built upon Inovaware?s award-winning and proven billing and customer management software solution, called PRISM. PRISM has been successfully deployed in over 600 installations in over 30 countries. PRISM?s internationally renowned, flexible, user-configurable customer care, order management and billing capabilities empower VOIP service providers with the ability to offer Voice over Broadband services?right out of the box. In addition to the features already inherent in PRISM, this new VOIP-Pro billing system module offers a wide range of robust and scaleable features, including: web-based customer self-service ordering functionalities, customer portal for managing features, flow-thru provisioning and inventory capabilities and many more.


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