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VoIP Collaboration

The Enterprises of VoIP Collaboration The convergence of voice, video and data in the enterprise is creating new opportunities for streamlining corporate processes, reducing the costs of those processes and enabling new methods of team management. Networ

VoIP Collaboration


  1. The Enterprises of VoIP Collaboration
    The convergence of voice, video and data in the enterprise is creating new opportunities for streamlining corporate processes, reducing the costs of those processes and enabling new methods of team management. Networked collaboration is one of the key benefits of this convergence. VoIP NEWS is pleased to announce the VoIP Collaboration Center, our focus on this key function within the enterprise. Here we will bring you tech briefs, white papers, press releases, case studies, webinars, and access to products and services specific to enterprise collaboration in a converged network.
  2. VoIP First Collaboration Phone
    Be Here Corporation, the pioneer in immersive optics and imaging, announced at DEMOfall 2006 the beta version of TotalView, the first VoIP Collaboration Phone with full-room video. TotalView is the next essential business tool, delivering a view of the entire conference room that provides a natural experience as if all locations are sitting around the same conference table. Designed for multi-location meetings of three to four people in each location, TotalView delivers voice, video and data in a simple appliance that sits at the center of the conference table. Leveraging the enterprise's VoIP investment, TotalView replaces the conference room speaker phone with a single integrated device. 
  3. The Second Generation of VoIP Intel and Siemens Collaboration
    Intel Corporation and Siemens Communications today announced the establishment of a technology relationship between the two companies that includes an agreement to work collaboratively to create open unified communications solutions based on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The two companies have agreed to jointly fund and cooperatively conduct research focused on secure wireless networks and real-time open unified communications in the short term as well as work together longer term to create comprehensive vertical industry collaboration solutions to drive business process optimization for key market segments such as telecommunications service providers, financial services and digital healthcare.
  4. VoIP Collaboration Phone
    Be Here Corporation selected Analog Devices Blackfin as a critical processor for its collaboration phone solutions integrating video, audio and data into one device. Be Here's product, which comprises a tabletop conferencing device and client software that runs on individual PCs, empowers each and every user in a meeting to control what they see, hear and share at any moment. Seeking a low-cost, high-performance signal processor for full-motion video, audio, and data conferencing for its streamlined device, Be Here selected the Blackfin ADSP-BF561 processor from Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI). The ADSP-BF561?with two high performance Blackfin cores, flexible cache architecture, enhanced DMA subsystem, and Dynamic Power Management (DPM) functionality, all in a single chip?processes multiple instruction sets and powers the collaboration phone's video and audio compression tasks, including its patented 360-degree optics and imaging capabilities.
  5. The Solution of VoIP Collaboration
    Small businesses are taking advantage of enhanced collaboration features such as the ability to communicate using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology running on Intel-based PCs and servers, to improve their top line revenue, bottom line, and employee work/life balance. VoIP technology allows voice communications to be routed over the Internet for better integration with data and video. By using Intel-based PCs as a VoIP platform, calls can be sent, received, and managed while sharing applications and information to achieve richer real-time collaboration. This enables small businesses to improve productivity and customer service while reducing costs for faster business growth.
  6. Open Source VoIP Collaboration
    A new partnership between Zimbra and Asterisk is helping to bridge the gap between text- and voice-based collaboration. Zimbra is an open source suite that blends AJAX and Web Services together for calendar, contact and e-mail collaboration. Asterisk is an open source IP-PBX originally begun by open source wunderkind Mark Spencer. Thanks to a new collaboration between the two, Zimbra users together with Asterisk now have voice capability from within their Zimbra-based calendars, e-mails and contacts. Zimbra users can click-to-call individual numbers, initiate conference calls by selecting groups of contacts or a meeting entry on a calendar and can also directly access voicemail. 
  7. The Collaboration to speed VoIP deployment
    Texas Instruments is working with broadband telephony services provider Vonage to provide VoIP equipment designers and manufacturers new opportunities for the development and deployment of VoIP products compatible with the Vonage telephony network. Vonage has selected TI as its technology partner to enhance its current software offering and evolve new VoIP services leveraging TI's market-leading VoIP technology. TI's VoIP solutions are used in over 80% of the VoIP gateway and IP phone products in use or in development today. The combination of TI's VoIP software and silicon technology and Vonage's broadband telephony software will enable VoIP equipment designers to rapidly develop high-
    quality, feature-rich devices for their customers.
  8. VoIP Enabled Project Collaboration
    CommuniClique is a web-based application that helps teams efficiently work together to successfully achieve results and complete projects through secure collaboration from any location worldwide. CommuniClique has revolutionized efficiency within project workgroups by harnessing its own IP based communications platform (featuring VoIP enabled project collaboration) and applying it in an entirely new way. Every project organizer in the world can use the CommuniClique product to ensure successful project outcomes by connecting project teams through their choice of methods, whether they prefer an online virtual desktop or project VoIP conference calls.


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