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VoIP Billing Solution

VoIP Billing Software The LogiSense EngageIP VoIP Billing solution is the strategic choice for service providers seeking telco grade performance and reliability by offering Prepaid VoIP and Postpaid VoIP services, billing for call usage, offer flexible c

VoIP Billing Solution


  1. VoIP Billing Software
    The LogiSense EngageIP VoIP Billing solution is the strategic choice for service providers seeking telco grade performance and reliability by offering Prepaid VoIP and Postpaid VoIP services, billing for call usage, offer flexible call plans, and comprehensive call rates through multiple VoIP call legs to achieve maximum business efficiency. As the demand for voice traffic increases Telcos are looking for new ways to accommodate the demand and service providers to expand their service offerings and leverage existing network resources. 
  2. VoIP Billing Management Software
    Looking for a billing and management solution for your softswitch or border session contoller? Our web based management system lets you take back control of your network, regardless of how many devices you have on your network.Your diverse network can all be billed and routed from one central web page. Converge all your devices and gateways. Different user levels or agent pages let vendors and clients view their records in real time. Pre-scheduled reports mean your billing is done when you come into the office on Monday. VoIP Billing, VoIP Routing, and VoIP Management Solutions all from one easy to use web page. RADIUS, AAA, H323, SIP, MGCP or SS7 / C7 we can help you design and implement a seamless VoIP backbone. webVoIP is proud to serve Voice carriers, Service providers, and Resellers worldwide. 
  3. Introduction  of VoIP Billing Solution
    RBS VoIP billing offers a complete software solution for voice over IP providers. Simply pair Alepo?s complete software solution with a VoIP gateway, or order a complete package from Alepo, and you can begin VoIP businesses such as broadband phone, PC to phone, wholesale (termination), traffic exchange, international callback, prepaid calling cards, and IP centrex. Alepo?s VoIP billing software is the most technologically advanced software solution on the market today. With its unique intelligent routing capabilities, it assures each call is completed as cost-effectively as possible. Additionally, you can be sure that you are buying a carrier-grade, trusted product, used by both greenfield and telco customers since 1997.
  4. VoIP Postpaid Billing
    AgileVoice supports Postpaid VoIP billing and integrates with Asterisk, SER, and other soft switches for realtime rating of CDRs and account creation on the switch. Comliance with international standards such as ITU and e.164 enable our postpaid rating engine to rate and bill all international and local calls. In addition to our postpaid billing solution, we also offer prepaid billing support for business models that need the flexibility of both prepaid and postpaid billing. Our Postpaid billing solution will enable you to automate the provisioning of residential, business, or wholesale termination via the AgileVoice PHP/MySQL administration portal which is hosted on your web server.
  5. VoIP Billing Solution with Calling Card and Call Shop
    Complete Billing Solution with integrated CallShop.We are proud to introduce CSB: a powerful stand-alone program that makes it easy for you to set up, manage, and create billing for your prepaid calling cards or call shop. CSB allows you to bill casual users by taking payment either before they make a call (prepaid) or after (postpaid). With prepaid billing a customer is provided with a predefined credit limit; the connection ends automatically when the balance reaches zero. With postpaid billing the charges can be added to a bill to be paid later. You know your customers. CSB helps you provide the services they want. Adjusting your prices and designing special rate packages based on your sales and traffic is easy.
  6. VoIP Billing Solution With VoIP Radius server
    Aradial VOIP AAA & Billing is a high performance full-featured radius & Prepaid cards application server for VOIP. Boasting excellent performance and technological superiority, Aradial radius server is one market leader in its class.
    * It is easy to use, scalable and features a plug-in architecture for fast enhancements.
    * Aradial's 100% web-based interface ensures easy administration from anywhere.
    * Web and phone-based subscriber self care.
    * Dealer managment - let the dealer has his own scope in your system.
  7. VoIP Billing Software Communication
    VoIP is an acronym for Voice over IP (Internet Protocol), or in more common terms, phone service over the Internet. Basically, it's a set of common Internet standards that allows a user's voice to be converted into small packs of digital data which can then be sent over computer networks. At the receiving end, VoIP computers reassemble the data packets back into a conventional audio signal that can be heard just as if on a regular telephone line. This is an online scheme that has been bubbling around the Internet community for the past few years. A major advantage of VoIP is that it avoids the tolls charged by ordinary telephone services.
  8. The VoiceMaster VoIP Billing
    VoiceMaster is the industry?s leading VoIP billing engine which empowers service providers with all necessary tools to successfully implement a wide variety of business models. The product features advanced VoIP billing capabilities, carrier grade robustness and high scalability to meet the needs of both emerging and established telecoms and service providers. With unlimited call billing capabilities, VoiceMaster enables providers to fine-tune their service offerings and capture the most lucrative market segments.



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