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About Hibernate, Spring and JSF Integration Tutorial


This tutorial explains the integration of Hibernate and Spring Frameworks into JSF (MyFaces) and building a real world web application. Integration of these three makes a solid framework for the development of web application. 

This tutorial is for Java architect and developers already familiar with JEE technologies and having experience in developing applications using JSF, Spring and Hibernate frameworks. 

These three can be used for different purposes according to the usefulness and power of individual frameworks. Like,

  1. JSF can be used to implement presentation layer because it fits into the MVC design pattern. 
  2. Spring Framework can be used in the business logic tier to manage business objects, resource management. 
  3. Hibernate can be powerful inside the integration tier. Spring integrates Hibernate very well. 

Flow of the application

a) User Registration Module :

In this module the user is asked to fill the required information like User Name, Password, Email Address and Physical Address. User is asked to reenter the password to confirm it. In this form all the fields have individual validation checks so that correct entries should be entered by the user. So for this we have taken care of some points :

  1. Make the fields required to fill.
  2. Confirm password field.
  3. Check for matching the passwords.
  4. Email address validation to check the correct format of email address.
  5. Individual Messages for every field if there is any mismatch in the passed information.

This is the main page displayed to the user.

If the user fills any incorrect entry then related message is shown for that particular field, like below :

If the user is already registered with the site then a message flashes as in the figure below :

If the registration process completes successfully then the screen below appears :

b) User Login Module

In this module, the user is asked to fill its user ID and password to proceed further in the application. If the user is not registered yet then there is a link "New User?" to register such users.

If you quickly want to download and test the application, try Downloading the full code of this application section of the tutoial.

In the next section we will discuss the architecture of the application.


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