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Application Architecture


In this section we will explain you the architecture of the application and the different components that makes up the layers.

Our Login and Registration application consists of 3 different layers (tiers)

  1. Presentation Layer
  2. Business Layer
  3. Data Access Layer

In this application the presentation layer, business layer and data access layer are physically located on the same JEE server. The different layers of the application are isolated from each other and connected through well defined interfaces.

Three tier architecture of the application:

 Presentation Layer

JSF is used to build the presentation layer of the application. JFS allows us to create rich gui for web application. It resolves the technical challenges of creating rich gui web application. In this layer we have jsp pages and JSF components. All the request to the web server are passes through faces servlet.

Business Layer

The POJO classes and classes to process the business logic are used to create the Business Layer. The POJO classes with the help of spring framework creates an ideal solution to implement the Business Layer.

Data Access Layer

The data access layer handles all the logic to save and retrieve the data from data base. Hibernate O/R mapping tools is an ideal solution for enterprise application of any size. Hibernate handles all the logic to store and retrieve POJO objects. It also handles resource management and transaction management activities.


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