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Difficult Interview Questions Page -8

Question 71: What do you look for when you hire people? Answer: While hiring people I look for their skills, education, initiative, adaptability and experience.

Difficult Interview Questions Page -8


Question 71: What do you look for when you hire people? 

Answer: While hiring people I look for their skills, education, initiative, adaptability and experience.  

Question 72: What type of people do you get on with most/least?

Answer: Though I hire people after lots of checking according to their  merit, but some times I was ditched and those hiring people are not so qualified as they claim. But, this is the part of the game. After all  I am also a human being. I do also mistake. But I try to put my best for the fortune of the company.  

Question 73: Did you ever fire anyone? If so, what were the reasons and how did you handle it? 

Answer: To be honest, give a brief example of  that  time when you faced this, and stress that it worked out well. 

Question 74: What position do you prefer on a team working on a project?

Answer: If  you are quite comfortable as a team leader, be bold and told the panel, if not  told to be ready for the  part of  team. If you are comfortable in different roles, point that out.

Question 75: How do you measure talent?
How do you measure talent in an organization (or company or team)?
How do you grow/develop talent in an organization (or company or team)?

Answer: Different types of  person has different types of view.  The criteria  of measurement differs from  person to person. You can say that in my opinion talented people works from the first day on the top that can observe by others. His  performance  is usually excellent. 

Question 76:
What do you see as the most difficult task in being a manager? 

Answer: Managing  is a tough task. To make a perfect plan and to get  completed within the budget and time limit is a tougher task for me, but  motivating  employees and to  manage them to  get  the best  in the favor of  both  is the toughest  task for  me. 

Question 77: How do you resolve conflict on a project team?

Answer: Conflict can be resolved by  communicating to one another in the panel of experts or in the meeting. As a team leader I prefer to discuss the private issues more than complications. 

Question 78: Prepare a plan for your first 1/2/3 months in the role and present it at the interview?

Answer: This question is generally asked to the marketing managers or commercial managers, but can also be asked to the other managers too. This question is asked to valuate the knowledge and planning skill of the manager. Don't  to be exaggerate. You can take the help of  Gantt chart to represent it, this is also a better way for representation. 

Question 79: What do your subordinates think of you? 

Answer: To be honest and say positively. You can say  that  it would be better to ask this question to my sub-ordinate. 

Question 80: What is your biggest strength as a manager?

Answer:  As for as myself  is concern, The strongest strength of  myself  is  that  I am able to motivate my  subordinates to complete the task  within time limit and under budget with minimum efforts and maximum joys. I am able to organize the team according to their most efficient skills, so that they can put their best.



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