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Difficult Interview Questions Page -7

Question 61: What about the job offered do you find the most attractive? Least attractive? Answer: Be positive and define three or more attractive factors and only one minor unattractive factor.

Difficult Interview Questions Page -7


Question 61: What about the job offered do you find the most attractive? Least attractive?

Answer: Be positive and define three or more attractive factors and only one minor unattractive factor. 

Question 62:  What would you like to be doing five years from now?
    Where do you see yourself in five years?

Answer:  Generally this question is asked to valuate your career plan and your existence in this company. The answer of  this question also reflects the rate of  your career growth and to assess if the company will be able to provide that opportunity over period of time. Be realistic and if you need  to  take the guidance from your seniors, don't be hesitate to take their help. 

Question 63:
  Do you prefer working with others or alone?

Answer:  Before answering the question, just  realize about  the nature of the job. Team work is necessary for the official job. So you must have the quality of  a team player or leadership quality.  Your answer will determine what post would you like? So answer appropriately. 

Question 64: What other types of jobs or companies are you considering? 

Answer: There is no need to open all the cards before the panel . Keep your answer related to that  field for what you are interviewing for. Don't give out specific company names.

Question 65: Your resume suggests that you may be over-qualified or too experienced for this position. What's Your opinion?

Answer: This is because of  my  long  term relationship with my previous company. I ensure you that  my experience and my knowledge will be beneficial  for the company and  myself  too. Every strong organization  must have strong  employee. As  I am a well- qualified person, my sub-ordinates, can learn quickly and can give better input in the favor of the company.  

Question 66:
Had you thought of  leaving your present position before? If so, what do you think held you there? 

Answer: No, sir. I didn't  think  it  before that  as I am getting the challenging  job to leave  that organization  until  my job became no longer  challenging.  and that you feel your talents are best used elsewhere. 

Question 67: When are you available to start? 

Answer: Mentioned  exact timing when you feel comfortable to join the company .

Question 68:  What is your management style? 

Answer:  For answering this question you have to  verify yourself  as a task  oriented, result oriented, paternalism ( take  care of your subordinates and give them the right direction ) and  versatile manager, how are  are different  to  others.  The best way of management  system  is  "Open-door management system ( to motivate people and delegate responsibility )" Now days.  You must reply by using the examples of  this method.  

Question 69: Are you a good manager? Give an example. Why do you feel you have top managerial potential? 

Answer: For proving your answer count your list of achievement  that your team  have got in the previous  job.  Mention your management skills like  planning, organizing, interpersonal, etc. to make yourself versatile to others.

Question 70: Give me some examples of how you have adapted your own communicating style to deal with different people and situations?

Answer: This is time to show your strength, do not waste it. Explain  the most  effective examples that show your good communicational skills including  verbal and  written  communication for getting feedback. I am able to motive my employees by delivering my speech. Give examples of how you verbally motivate the people who respond to challenge and recognition.


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