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Hibernate 4

Hibernate 4 is the latest release of popular Hibernate framework.

Hibernate 4

Hibernate 4 is the latest version of Hibernate which was released in Jan, 2012. Hibernate 4 comes with many new features such as Multi-tenancy support. Hibernate is popular ORM tool in Java. It can be used with the JPA to persist, update, query and delete the persistence objects.

Here are the major features of Hibernate 4:

  • Multi-tenancy support
  • The introduction of the "Services" API
  • Better logging with i18n support and message codes. It is done via JBoss Logging instead of slf4j.
  • Preparation for OSGI support
  • In Hibernate 4 there are several other cleanups/removal of deprecated code

You can also migrate your Hibernate 3 code to Hibernate 4.

Brief features of Hibernate 4:

  • support for initial multi-tenancy
  • ServiceRegistry Introduction
  • SessionFactory session clean up
  • Improvement in Integration through org.hibernate.integrator.spi.Integrator and auto discovery
  •  Improvement in logging due to i18n support and message codes
  •  more clear separation between API
  • SPI and implementation classes
  •  deprecated functions
  • classes clean up

Where to learn Hibernate 4?

You can learn Hibernate 4 from our website. We have give many examples on Hibernate 4. All the examples are supported with the source code which can be downloaded from the same tutorial page. You will find download at the end of tutorial page.

Learn Hibernate 4 with the help of following tutorials:

We hope you will find all these tutorials on Hibernate 4 very useful.


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