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Ajax.NET Professional

The .NET Free library for Asynchronous JavaScript with XmlHttpRequest (AJAX).

Ajax.NET Professional


The .NET Free library for Asynchronous JavaScript with XmlHttpRequest (AJAX). More security features like AJAX Token, encryption on client-side JavaScript and on the server, faster JavaScript wrapper files cached using HTTP ETag header values, using Names


  1. AJAX library for ASP.NET which provides the very basic AJAX capability to make xmlhttp callbacks. Does not have any 'Ajax-enabled' controls or support for Viewstate, etc. hjhfututu  Can serialize ANY data type from .NET including custom classes, structs or enum types
  2. Include JavaScript DataTable, DataSet, support for IList and IEnumeration, XML documents
  3. Supports Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Netscape,...
  4. Great ActiveX replacement for Internet Explorer if ActiveX are disabled  
  5. Queuing actions to enable more than 2 concurrent requests
  6. No direct code change on server-side code using method attributes
  7. Caching available on the server
  8. JavaScript includes several prototype features like String.trim or Array.clear
  9. Asynchronous and synchronous methods with callback and context support
  10. Uses JSON instead of XML for performence reason
  11. Reduce HTML traffic (only data is sent instead of HTML code)

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