XML Well-Formed-ness

In this section, you will learn to check the well-formed-ness of a XML using the DOM interface.

XML Well-Formed-ness


In this section, you will learn to check the well-formed-ness  of a XML using the DOM interface. A  well-formed  XML  document must follow the xml syntax rules.

Description of program:

For checking the "well-formedness" of  a XML document you should use the given example. The DOM parser parsers (parse()) the XML document using the DocumentBuilder and DocumentBuilderFactory. Whenever the XML document is well-formed, it shows a message "Employee-Detail.xml is well-formed". Otherwise it displays "Employee-Detail.xml isn't well-formed.". 

Here is the video insturction "How to check well formed XML in Java?":

Here is the XML File: Employee-Detail.xml

<?xml version = "1.0" ?>

<Emp_Id> E-001 </Emp_Id>
<Emp_Name> Vinod </Emp_Name>
<Emp_E-mail> [email protected] </Emp_E-mail>

<Emp_Id> E-002 </Emp_Id>
<Emp_Name> Amit </Emp_Name>
<Emp_E-mail> [email protected] </Emp_E-mail>

<Emp_Id> E-003 </Emp_Id>
<Emp_Name> Deepak </Emp_Name>
<Emp_E-mail> [email protected] </Emp_E-mail>


Here is the Java File: DOMParserCheck.java

import java.io.*;
import javax.xml.parsers.*;
import org.w3c.dom.*;
import org.xml.sax.*;

public class DOMParserCheck {
  static public void main(String[] arg){
  BufferedReader bf = new BufferedReader(
new InputStreamReader(System.in));
  System.out.print("Enter File name: ");
  String xmlFile = bf.readLine();
  File file = new File(xmlFile);
  try {
  // Create a new factory to create parsers 
  DocumentBuilderFactory dBF = 
  // Use the factory to create a parser (builder) and use
  // it to parse the document.
  DocumentBuilder builder = dBF.newDocumentBuilder();
  // builder.setErrorHandler(new MyErrorHandler());
  InputSource is = new InputSource(xmlFile);
  Document doc = builder.parse(is);
  System.out.println(xmlFile + " is well-formed!");
  catch (Exception e) {
  System.out.println(xmlFile + " isn't well-formed!");
  System.out.print("File not found!");
  catch(IOException io){

Download this example.

Output of program:

C:\vinod\xml>javac DOMParserCheck.java

C:\vinod\xml>java DOMParserCheck
Enter File name: Employee-Detail.xml
Employee-Detail.xml is well-formed!

Download source code of the project in Eclipse Project format


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XML Well-Formed-ness

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