Testing EntityReferences in Xml


Testing EntityReferences in Xml

In this section, you will learn about EntityReferences in an XML file.

In this section, you will learn about EntityReferences in an XML file.

Testing EntityReferences in Xml


This Example gives you the way to test EntityReferences in an XML file. JAXP (Java API for XML Processing) is an interface which provides parsing of xml documents. There are some of the methods used in code given below for Testing EntityReferences in Xml File:-

XMLInputFactory Factory = XMLInputFactory.newInstance():-By this method we create a new instance of the factory.

factory.setProperty(XMLInputFactory.IS_COALESCING, true):-This method sets the property that requires the parser to coalesce adjacent character data sections.

factory.setProperty(XMLInputFactory.IS_REPLACING_ENTITY_REFERENCES, true):-This method sets the parser to replace internal entity references with their replacement text.

XMLStreamReader reader = Factory.createXMLStreamReader(new FileInputStream(file)):-Creates a new StreamReader which allows forward, read-only access to XML.

Xml code for the program generated is:-

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- Information About Employees -->
  <Employee Id="Rose-2345">
  <name>Girish Tewari</name>
 <Doj>May 2008</Doj>
  <!-- Information about other  Employee -->  
  <Employee Id="Rose-2346">
 <name>Mahendra Singh</name>
  <Doj>May 2008</Doj>


 * @Program for testing EntityReferences in Xml.
 * TestingEntityReference.java 
 * Author:-RoseIndia Team
 * Date:-19-July-2008
import java.io.File;
import java.io.FileInputStream;
import javax.xml.stream.XMLInputFactory;
import javax.xml.stream.XMLStreamConstants;
import javax.xml.stream.XMLStreamReader;

public class TestingEntityReference {
  public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
  File f = new File("Document4.xml");

XMLInputFactory factory = XMLInputFactory.newInstance();
  factory.setProperty(XMLInputFactory.IS_COALESCING, true);

  XMLStreamReader reader = 
new FileInputStream(f));
  System.out.println("Factory is validating: " 
+ reader.getProperty(XMLInputFactory.IS_VALIDATING));
  System.out.print("Factory is Replacing Entity Reference: ");

  while (reader.hasNext()) {
  int event = reader.next();
  if (event == XMLStreamConstants.CHARACTERS) {
  else if (event == XMLStreamConstants.ENTITY_REFERENCE) {
  System.out.println("en: " + reader.getLocalName());
  System.out.println("er: " + reader.getText());

Output of the program:-

Factory is validating: false

Factory is Replacing Entity Reference: true



  Girish Tewari


 May 2008



 Mahendra Singh


  May 2008

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