JDOM Introduction

To build a complete, Java-based solution for accessing, manipulating, and outputting XML data from Java code.

JDOM Introduction

JDOM Introduction


Here we will learn about JDOM API, which is open source api for manipulating XML documents from within the Java programs. The JDOM api is faster then DOM api and it is used by the Java programmers to process XML files in enterprise Java applications.

History of JDOM

The JDOM API was developed by Jason Hunter and Brett McLaughlin in March 2000. Now it is being maintained by the http://www.jdom.org/. You can download the latest version of JDOM libraries and source file from its official website at http://www.jdom.org/.

The JDOM api was developed to provides fast and robust api for processing xml documents. The JDOM API is designed specifically for Java platform, making it more useful. It uses the built-in String support of the Java language. It also makes use of Java 2 collection classes wherever possible. So, JDOM API gives good performance.

Downloading JDOM API

The JDOM API is distributed from it official website at http://www.jdom.org/. You can get the latest source and binary version from http://www.jdom.org/.

The current version of JDOM is 1.1.1, which can be downloaded from http://www.jdom.org/downloads/source.html

JDOM Tutorials

 We have developed many tutorial that shows the use of JDOM API. These examples shows how to use the JDOM API within your java program.

Here is the list of JDOM tutorials: