Wicket on Net Beans IDE


Apache Wicket


In this section you will learn Apache Wicket which is used to develop applications in using Java programming language. Apache Wicket is commonly known as Wicket is a software development framework from Apache foundation. Apache Wicket is light-weight framework which can be used for developing the web applications. Apache wicket is similar to the JSF ( Java Server Faces) and Tapestry frameworks.

You can also use the Net Beans IDE for developing applications based of Apache Wicket framework.

Here are the examples of Apache Wicket framework:

  1. Wicket on Net Beans IDE
    This tutorial will take you through the basics of creating and assembling a web application using the Wicket web framework. In it each application consists of simply JAVA file and HTML file.
  2. "Hello World" example in Wicket
    Hello World
    example is everybody's favorite example while starting any new technology. So in this Wicket tutorial we are going to develop first application in wicket which print "Hello World".
  3. Echo Message example in Wicket
    In previous section of Wicket tutorials we have been well aware with the way how we can create an application in Wicket framework. Here is the simple example to display message in  Wicket.
  4. Auto Completer example in Wicket
    In the previous example of Wicket you have learned how to make "Hello World" application in  Wicket. In  this section of Wicket tutorial we are going to describe you an example to create Ajax auto completer in Wicket.
  5. Modal Panel example in Wicket
    Modal Panel is like a container that blocks the operation of base page when the modal panel is open. This can be used to create a good GUI application.
  6. Creating Website with the use of template in Wicket
    In the previous section of Wicket tutorial you have studied about "printing Hello World", "creating Ajax Auto Completer" and some others very beautiful examples now in this section of Wicket tutorial we are going to describe you how you can create a website by creating templates of it.
  7. Lazy Load Application example in Wicket
    In this section of Wicket tutorial we are going to describe you how the ajax lazy load component can be added into your application to make your application much effective.
  8. Using "Tab" in wicket
    Tab Panel items are separated with the different tab and different tabs show different component which are associated with them. Only one tab will be activated at a time.