Explore Odisha India

To exploring in Odisha by visiting the Serene Hills and valleys, heart stopping waterfalls and the splendid streamlets have made Odisha Tourism an awe inspiring place in the lap of nature. Moreover, the conservation of White and Royal Bengal Tigers of Odisha get a special tourist Attraction.



Tourism in Odisha: A Complete Tour With Diversified Aspects

500 km long coastline of Odisha has given birth to many splendid beaches in the world. It is also the home of Asia's largest salty water Lake Chilka, which is not only the harbor of millions of birds but also one of the rare places of India where the dolphin can be seen. Serene Hills and valleys, heart stopping waterfalls and the splendid streamlets have made Odisha Tourism an awe inspiring place in the lap of nature. Moreover, the Royal Bengal/White Tigers of Odisha get a special Attraction.

Famous Beaches of Orissa: A Complete Enjoyment with Family Vacation

Tourism to Gopalpur on Sea: The Gopalpur a small city on the Bay of Bengal is situated at a distance of 16 km from Berhampur, Orissa. One of the famous beach resort of Odisha Gopalpur beach offers the blue crystal clear water of the sea, which attracts the visitors for a dive. Splattering of white surf on the glittering golden sand has made Gopalpur beach as one of the most attractive beaches of Orissa India on the eastern coast.

The Coconut, palm and Casuarina trees balance the scorching heat of summer. Different objects of seashell and sand sculptures are high in demand among the visitors at Gopalpur on Sea.

How to Reach Gopalpur Orissa:

How to Reach Gopalpur by Air: - Bhubaneshwar and Vishakhapattnam are the nearest airports.

How to Reach Gopalpur by Train/Rail: The Berhampur Railway Junction, the closest rail station serve a number of fast trains on Kolkata Chennai route.

How to Reach Gopalpur by Road: Gopalpur is well connected with NH-5. Thus facilitate regular bus services.

There are certain popular places around Gopalpur. Those who have couple days in hand can easily visit the places around Gopalpur. The places to see near Gopalpur are : Taptapani, Berhampur, Mahuri Kalua, Jaugada, Taratarini, Chilka, and Patisonaour.

Tour to Puri Beach: The abode of Lord Jagannath, Puri, one of the conspicuous Hindu pilgrimage destinations where thousands of pilgrims take holy dips for the purification of their souls. The roaring of the Puri beach, the white sand also are the matter of attraction to the visitors. The local fishermen on demand can take you to a boat ride with them and if needed they act as a lifeguard too. Beach facing hotels and guest houses add more pleasure to the holiday tour to Puri Orissa.

Visit to Chandipur Beach Orissa: The 480 km long coastline of Odisha on Bay of Bengal has bestrewed many splendid beaches. The Chandipur Beach with all its musical amplitude of Casuarina trees and eye catching sand dunes is one of those beautiful beaches of Orissa. Surprisingly, twice in a day the bank of the river goes back 5km as the water of the sea repel twice in a day.

The visitors can thoroughly enjoy the beach with the musical fountain in the background. They can play with the small waves and also can go for a ride by Jeep when water retreats.

The nearest tourist destinations of Chandipur are: Panchlingeshwar, Nilagiri, Simlipal, Remuna, Sajangarh and Deokund.

Travel to Chandrabhaga Beach: The Chandrabhaga is a popular beach of Odisha where the tourists visit to take a break from their daily life. This tranquil beach of Chandrabhaga has its own charm of simplicity opposed to the labyrinthine sculpture of the nearby Tourist Attraction i.e. Heritage Sun Temple of Konark, Orissa.

Apart from these four beaches there are also a couple of minor beaches in Odisha. The unexplored beaches are:

  • Aryapalli Beach
  • Balighai Beach
  • Balaramgadi Beach
  • Astaranga Beach
  • Talasari Beach
  • Paradeep Beach
  • Baliharachandi Beach
  • Ramchandi Beach
  • Patisonapur Beach

Popular Lakes Of Odisha:

Chilika Lake of Odisha: The Pride of India

Chilika Lake, the largest salty water lake in Asia is the home of 160 conglomerations of fishes as well as the thousands of nomadic birds in winter. Situated south to Puri 1100 sqkm inland of Chilika Lake is mixed with the sea, Bay of Bengal. A large number of animals, reptiles like cheetahs, monkeys, mongoose, fishing cats, snakes, lizards, turtles are in plenty in the surroundings hills and sandy beaches. Moreover at the meeting point of the lake with the sea folks of dolphin can be observed.

Visit to Islands of Chilika Orissa:

Nalbana Island Trip of Orissa: It is majorly popular for the extensive flora and fauna which form the heart of Chilika Bird sanctuary.

Kalijai Island Tour of Orissa: This Island has got its name from the goddess Kalijai, worshipped by the fishermen of Chilika. Makar Sankranti is the significant event of this island in the month of January.

Though the tourists can visit Chilika Lake throughout the year but the beauty of the Asia's largest salty lake enhances with the appearance of the thousands of nomadic birds in winter.

Must to See Other important Tourist Attractions of Odisha:

  • Ansupa Lake
  • Indravati River/reservior
  • Kolab Reservior
  • Hirakud Reservior.
  • Rengali Reservior.
  • Soradaghai Reservior.
  • Macchakund Reservior

Wildlife of Odisha: Lifetime Experience

Bhitar Kanika Wildlife Sanctuary Tour of Orissa: Spreading over more than 600 sqkm Bhitar Kanika Wildlife sanctuary and the National Park is the second largest impermeable mangrove eco system in India. It is a home of more than 60 species of mangrove plants which itself provide shelter to many hazardous species like pneomatophores, the breathing roots.

Due to the interesting geographical position with rivers on three sides and sea on the fourth it has given birth to many canals and creeks which ultimately form a delta with the sea. Very often the tides float the forest and when retreat leaves crabs, small fishes, and tiny reptiles making the site an exciting place to awe at.

Dangmal, the major island of the place is a popular crocodile breeding farm which can claim the status of International breeding farm with the breeding of rare white crocodile namely Sankhua.

This Bhitar Kanika Wildlife sanctuary is also the home of 170 species of birds including resident and nomadic. Some of the important species are: Sea Eagles, Kingfisher, Sand Pipers, Sea Gulls, and Darters and so on. If one visits this place in January or in March he can be able to observe the rarest site of the Olive Ridley Sea Turtles which visit Gahirmatha twice in a year to lay eggs.

The tourists must not forget to visit the 9th century temple of Lord Shiva.

Note: Bhitar Kanika wildlife sanctuary can only be reached by waterways. The prominent ways are: Dhamara, Chandbali, Rajnagar and Gupti.

Travel to Simlipal Wildlife National Park of Orissa: Canvassing an area of 2750 sq km Simlipal Wildlife Park, one of the famous Tiger conservation Projects and National Parks of India is blessed with sundry primitive forms of nature. Surprisingly, this plateau is the proud home of 1076 varieties of mammals, 29 species of reptiles and 231 varieties of birds. Meghasani (1158 metres) and Khairiburu (1178 metres) are the two moderate peaks of Simlipal. Tall Sal Trees, fragrance of Champak flowers, hued Orchids pervades although the forest.

Buddhabalanga, Palpala, Salandi and Khairi are the rivers of Simlipal that originate from the hills and run through the forest creating the cascades and falls. Joranda and Behripani are such electrifying waterfalls that should not be missed to visit.

Simlipal houses elephants which often walk through the road, tiger, leopard and many more animals. Thus the beauties of virgin nature of Simlipal have a direct effect on the human body and soul. The fresh air, soothing sights and reverberating natural sounds of chirping birds, howling animals will definitely take you to the world of trans.

Note: Simlipal Wildlife National Park of Odisha continues to open from 1st November till 15th June.

One can enter Simlipal Tiger reserve center of India through Pithabada.

Must to see Nandan Kanan Zoo of Orissa: Situated just 20 km away from Bhubaneshwar, Capital city of Odisha, Nandan Kanan, the Garden of Pleasure is a unique combination of botanical garden, zoo and Wildlife sanctuary. The zoo of Nandan Kanan has secured a distinct place in the wildlife reservation. It is the first center of conjugated breeding of Gharial Crocodiles initiated by Frankfurt Zoo. On the other hand, Nanadan Kanan Sanctuary is the proud to be the breeding research center of White Tiger, rather the home of the white tiger, the most exceptional species of tiger in the whole world.  In 1980 these majestic animals have come to Nanadan Kanan Wildlife Sanctuary with the birth of the white tigers from Deepak and Ganga, two dusky tigers. Proud possession of 34 white tigers has made Nandan Kanan Zoo, the largest white tiger reserve centre.

Along with the reservation of the white tigers at Nandan Kanan Sanctuary has also taken initiative to reserve the threatened creatures like Asiatic Lion, sanghai, three Indian crocodilians, Indian Pangolin, nilgiri langur, lion tailed macaque, mouse deer, reptiles and many more. Successful breeding Programme of Black Panther is an added tourism attraction to it. Moreover, Nandan Kanan wildlife sanctuary of Orissa is the proud home of 67 varieties of mammals, 18 kinds of reptiles and 81 species of birds. There are 34 Aquaria which provide shelter to various kinds of fishes, crocodiles, snakes, lizards, turtles and Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Lion safari, toy train, boating facilities are available to enjoy the every corner of Nandan Kanan. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bag and experience the awe inspiring wildlife with all its varieties and share your lifetime experience of watching the rarest animals of the world with your friends. They will definitely be jealous of you.

The other popular home of the animals, reptiles, birds and fishes are Gahirmatha, Chandaka, Tikarpada, Ambapani, Karlapat, Baisipalli, Lakhari, and Badarama and so on.

Popular Temples of Orissa:

With the authentic history dating back to 2000 BC Odisha is marked with numerous bygone monuments starting from the remnants of Sisupalgarh to the magnanimous Lingaraj and Jagannath Temple. The influences of Buddhism and Jainism have come into existence with the excavations that have been taken place at Lalitgiri, Ratnagiri, and Udaigiri and so on.

Historic Jagannath Temple of Puri Orissa:

Constructed by the Ganga King, Chodagangadeva in 12th century this new temple replacing the old one is one the most divine pilgrimages of the country. The headstrong pinnacle (65 metres) of Jagannath Mandir shows its dominance over Puri. Each side of the temple compound is 650 feet in measures with the surmounted wall of 20 feet. Jagannath Temple with a central idol and with all its 6000 attendants and a kitchen which surprisingly feed 10,000 devotees daily. The old temple was covered by white plaster. The reason behind such plaster has been answered by the rulers time and again with different explanations.

Due to deep religious importance the non Hindus are not allowed in the Mandir.

Heritage Sun Temple of Konark, Odisha:

"here the languages of stone surpass the language of man"

The description of Rabindra Nath Tagore regarding the magnanimous Sun Temple at Konark, orissa, fits perfect for its architectural excellence which makes it claimant of the International status. Constructed under the initiation of King Narasimhadeva in the 13th century this temple follows the pattern of a cyclopean chariot carrying Surya, the sun God athwart the heaven. Since Vedic period Surya for His great vigour has been worshipped in India.

Following the form of tower of Jagannath Temple, Lingaraja Temple and Sun Temple excels both of the temples in height which is around 227 feet. The structure of Jagmohan even excels 120 feet in height. The 24 stone wheels of the chariot on the other bear the mark of exquisite sculptural tradition of Orissan culture. In front of the temple the separate Natmandira also constitute one of the main part of the Mandir(Temple) Complex. Each and every corner of the Mandir is marked with sculptural excellence too. When architecture mingles with art then the obvious result is the Sun Temple of Konark Odisha.

Famous Lingaraja Temple of Bhubaneshwar Odisha:

The magnificent Lingaraja Temple often described as quintessence of Orissa's architecture with its soaring tower dominates Bhubaneshwar as far as it is visible. The duel of Lingaraja is 180 feet in height. Natmandira and Bhogamandira are the two new additions of the temple. Most interestingly, Lingaraja temple unlike the other temple does not worship the typical Shiva Linga but hari-hara linga, which is half Shiva and half Vishnu. In the complex there are 150 subsidiary deities and the deities is in regular worship. Unfortunately the non-Hindus are not allowed there.

Apart from these popular temples there are numerous important temples in Odisha namely Mukteswara, Rajarani, 64 Yogini Shrine, Chandana, Brahma, Kapileshwar, Ananta Basudeva and many more.

Buddhist Monuments of Odisha:

Visit to Ratnagiri: Situated in the Birupa river valley in Jajpur district Ratnagiri is one of the popular Buddhist centers, which after a large scale excavation has unearthened a large stupa, two big buddhist monasteries, sculptures and numerous votive stupas. In the early phases Mahayana Buddhism was in vogue but during the 8th-9th century A.D it has become a hub of Tantric Buddhism. The remnants of Ratnagiri now famous tourist attraction for visitors.

Trip to Udaygiri: The recent excavations in Udaigiri, the largest Buddhist Complex in Odisha have made the people aware of the name of the ancient Buddhist monastery as Madhavapura Mahavihara. The Buddhist monastery complex has been found at the foothills of a large hill. The ruins that the excavations at Ratnagiri has revealed-a brick stupa, a steeped stone well with aesthetic inscriptions on it, two brick monasteries and rock cut carvings atop the hill.

Udaygiri is also a must visited place of Orissa, to the students of history and art.

Lalitgiri and Dauli are also the prominent excavated places Buddhist culture.

Thus Odisha Tourism with all its natural beauty and architectural excellence is a state to be proud. The World's largest salty water lake Chilika and the serene beaches enhance the beauty of Odisha, whereas Nandan Kanan is the pride of India. The bygone temples mark the intensity of religion and the archaeological excavations throws light on the culture and lesson of Buddhism that was once preached by Gautam Buddha for the sake of humanity.