LTO 6: Your Next Big Boost to Data Storage

As the sixth generation Linear Tape Open technology or LTO 6 is on verge of being launched with many enhanced features and capabilities, LTO as the new age data storage technology is already well acclaimed. LTO 6, your next big boost to data storage and its array of exclusive features and capabilities are explained here.

LTO 6: Your Next Big Boost to Data Storage

Linear open tape or LTO is continuing to be one of the most important storage technologies with steady development on multiple aspects and LTO 6 or the sixth generation of linear tape open technology is unquestionably a sure proof of that. There are great array of reasons to call LTO 6 your next big boost to data storage. From superior storage space that almost doubled than the previous version while using the same shape of cartridge to doubled data transfer speed and persistence of all those security and user friendly features that for some time and since third generation LTO has been continuing to be appreciated, LTO 6 is the most advanced storage package that no existing data storage solution can compete with.

In a time when almost all major and even less known IT service providers are offering cloud storage service to the ever burgeoning volume of IT consumers and at a time the access to IT data anytime anywhere from multiple devices are increasingly altering the previous generation information environment, data access, data speed and data storage volume are three aspects that are going to be determinant factors and LTO 6 the faster, smarter, bigger and leaner data storage of LTO 6 is just enough proof of how technology is evolving to address this emerging environment. Let us now have a look at some of the prominent aspects of LTO 6, your next big boost data storage.

Bigger and smarter

LTO 6 most important of all offers a much bigger data storage space with the same or identical size of cartridges or drives as and when compared to the earlier versions of the same technology. LTO 6 cartridges have a capacity of 2.5 TB native data and 6:25 TB of compressed data. For any cloud or localized server this smarter data space offers more efficiency and cost effectiveness. A smarter storage choice with bigger volume of data management is truly an edge for IT servers for number of reasons.

Faster and smoother

LTO 6, your next big boost to data storage is faster in transferring data than all the previous versions and naturally as far as real time data backup and storage experience is considered it is bound to give you a smoother experience. Typically LTO 6 drives offer a faster performance with 400 mbps speed and a compression ratio of 2.5:1. If you compare with the speed of the earlier version LTO 5, it is at least 40% faster with a higher speed and compression ratio.

Continuing to excel in security measures

LTO 6 like its earlier two versions is loaded with state of the art data security that made this technology an irreplaceable choice for big servers and data centers. LTO 6 similar to its previous version LTO 5 would offer the encryption and Write Once Read Many or WORM capabilities.

Continuing to excel in accessibility

Accessing LTO storage with its own file system is considered a smooth experience for the end user. LTO 6, your next big boost to data storage like its previous version LTO 5 includes that same partitioning capability with its unique Linear Tape Open File System or LTFS. This LTFS is known for its drag and drop feature with easier storage access and much easier search features for users.

Impressive market stats that all go in its favor

Most important of all LTO 6 offers an amazing array of market stats that portray its dominance as the new age storage technology. In last 12 year LTO as a data storage technology it has set a record of storing more than 80,000 PB of data. With more than 4 million drives and 200 million cartridges already shipped its quick accession to dominance as a data storage technology is already acclaimed.


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