5 Important Things to know About LTO 6

Here you will know about some of the most important things to know about LTO 6 including its features, difference with earlier versions, end user benefits and its crucial importance for modern data storage in cloud servers and better accessibility.

5 Important Things to know About LTO 6

The sixth generation linear open tape technology or LTO 6 has came up as to initiate many change in our so called expectation from the typical storage devices and data transfer speed and performance. With 6.25 compressed data capacity and 400 mbps data transfer speed LTO 6 is rightly considered as the smartest data storage choice in the market. Almost all of the world's major system manufacturers and industry leaders tasted and approved the technology and it is believed to sweep the market with its haughty features and high end specifications. Let us introduce some of the most important things to know about LTO 6.

  1. What are the important features offered by LTO 6?
  2. The high performance output ready features belonging to LTO 6 is simply mind blowing. LTO 6 offers 2.5 TB native data storage and 6.25 TB of compressed data storage which by any standard is much higher than any versions of the same technology. It offers an unmatched 400 mbps data transfer speed with a 2.5:1 compression ratio. Alternatively the speed attribute can be represented as 1.4 TB of data per hour for data transfer. LTO 6 cartridges and drives also come with the advanced encryption features and WORM (write once read many) feature which for some time is a standard feature with all new LTO versions and subsequent developments. Like its predecessor LTO 5 it also offers the user partitioning functionality or tape based file system known as Linear Tape File System or LTFS.

  3. What are the differences between LTO 5 and LTO 6?
  4. One of the most important things to know about LTO 6 is the typical difference in performance, speed and capacity with its previous version LTO 5. In all regards from data storage to compression ratio to data transfer speed, LTO 6 offers far advanced and enhanced features than LTO 5. As measured by industry observers and experts LTO 6 typically offers a 40% higher performance than LTO 5. While LTO 5 could offer only 1.5 TB of native data speed and 3 TB of compressed data, LTO 6 offers fairly a double capacity. Similarly LTO 5 used to transfer data at a speed of 200 mbps with a compression rate of just 2:1, while LTO 6 offers a data transfer speed of 400 mbps.

  5. End user benefits of LTO 6
  6. While we are all informed of the higher technical specifications of LTO 6 as the latest upgradation in Linear Tape Open technology, the actual end user benefits are more important to have a clear understanding rather than so called technical jargons. The features and specifications of LTO 6 can offer some of the most user acclaimed benefits in regard to data speed, storage, accessibility, etc which include,

    • Fast data backup and data restoration
    • Unmatched data storage space compared to any other local storage option
    • Without needing any backup software one can just drag and drop files using the file system called LTFS
    • Better data security with 256 bit encryption
    • More power friendly as LTO 6 consumes even less power than its predecessor versions.
  7. Is LTO 6 a competitor for cloud storage?
  8. To know how cloud storage can be a beneficiary of this new storage technology is one of the most important things to know about LTO 6. While cloud is increasingly thought to be the new generation storage alternative it is nevertheless true that linear tape open is the new storage option for cloud service providers to maintain internal storage. LTO 6 with its higher storage capacity and data transfer speed is sure to add enough firepower to the cloud clients for their data servers.

  9. Is LTO 6 to boost the data accessibility even further?

One of the crucial benefits of LTO for big servers and companies with operational dependence with heterogeneous data from various time frames, schedules and sources is that it provides much faster and easy access to various data that. With partitioned and better managed files of data LTO is easy to provide access to older and unclassified data without much difficulty and LTO 6 with better transfer speed is just the latest boost.


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