SQL as Keyword

The SQL Key word used in SQL are createTable,Insert into,select,delete,update,etc.

SQL as Keyword

SQL as Keyword


The SQL Key word used in SQL are createTable,Insert into,select,delete,update,etc.

Understand With Example

The Tutorial identify you with the SQL Keywords used in SQL Command. In this Tutorial, we use various keywords like, create table keyword is used to create a table Stu_Table with field attribute and data type respectively. The insert into add a records or rows to the table. In this query we create a Table Stu_Table and Lib_Table using create table Statement. The insert into add the records or rows to the respective tables. The select statement return you the record that you add to the table using insert into SQL Command. 

Create Table Stu_Table

create table Stu_Table(Stu_Id integer(2), Stu_Name varchar(15), Stu_Class  varchar(10))

Create Table Lib_Table

create table Lib_Table(Stu_Id integer(2), Lib_no integer(5))

Insert data into Stu_Table

insert into Stu_Table values(1,'Komal',10);
insert into Stu_Table values(2,'Ajay',10);
insert into Stu_Table values(3,'Rakesh',10);
insert into Stu_Table values(4,'Bhanu',10);
insert into Stu_Table values(5,'Santosh',10);

 Insert data into Lib_Table

insert into Lib_Table values(1,101);
insert into Lib_Table values(2,102);
insert into Lib_Table values(3,103);
insert into Lib_Table values(4,104);
insert into Lib_Table values(5,105);


Stu_Id Stu_Name Stu_Class
1 Komal 10
2 Ajay 10
3 Rakesh 10
4 Bhanu 10
5 Santosh 10


Stu_Id Lib_no
1 101
2 102
3 103
4 104
5 105


In SQL, an alias name is another name given to a table and a column. In this query ,we have given another name of column and table as specified in Query .The alias name for Lib_Table is l and Stu_Table as s. The alias name make the queries simple and easier to understand.

select s.stu_id, s.stu_name, s.stu_class, l.lib_no 
from Stu_Table as s , Lib_Table as l
where s.stu_id = l.stu_id


Stu_Id Stu_Name Stu_Class Lib_no
1 Komal 10 101
2 Ajay 10 102
3 Rakesh 10 103
4 Bhanu 10 104
5 Santosh 10 105