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MySql Remove Tutorials

MySql Remove


I this section we will show you how you can remove the user from database. You can create new user and add permission using the grant privileges command. You have to use the revoke command to remove the user from database.

Usually you can connect to mysql through command prompt and issue the command. But other ways is to use the UI interfaces for MySQL. There are some free UI for MySQL also.  You can also use the UI tool such as PHPMyAdmin to run the command if your server is hosted on Linux OS.

There is the list of tutorials related to this function:

  1. Mysql Drop
    Mysql Drop is used to remove or delete the table from the database.
  2. We can use MySQL Delete statement to implement the removal on the database. 

To change privileges or remove the user from the database you can use the following comand:

revoke all privileges on *.* from 'username'@'hostname';

This way you can remove the user from MySQL database.