MySQL Injection

Understand the concept of MySQL Injection. Learn how to project your application from MySQL Injection.

MySQL Injection

Mysql Injection


In this section we will learn what is MySQL Injection and how to prevent it. If you are developing web application using PHP and then taking the input from user. You should take extra care while taking inserting the user input into database. You should not insert the raw user input into database. This tutorial explains discussing the issue which is known as SQL Injection.

What is SQL Injection?

The SQL Injection refers to the code injection technique for running MySQL statement on your database without your knowledge. This happens when you programming taking user input, and instead of providing the correct information, you user enters MySQL statement in it. This makes a security hole into your database. You should protect your database against such activity.


  1. PHP SQL Injection
    PHP SQL Injection is an interface that facilitate access  and interaction with a database. A database contains data in tables and procedures. An SQL injection is an attack that aim at manipulating the records in back-end database.
  2. PHP SQL Injection Attack
    PHP SQL Injection Attack refers to the act of  someone insert  a MySQL statement to be run on your database with your knowledge. 
  3. PHP SQL Injection Example
    PHP SQL  Injection Example is used to show you how to insert the records to database.