How Google News Works?

In this article we will see the working of Google News Websites. You see how Google News works?

Working of News aggregator service - How Google News Works?

In this article we are going to discuss about the Google News service and its history. You will also learn How Google News Works?

Google News is news content aggregation service which is watching thousands of news websites in real-time to collect latest news from around the world. Google news web crawler indexes news from thousands of authoritative news websites and display in Google News home page based on priority and authority.

Google News service was launched in beta version in September 2002 and official version was released in January 2006. Since then its very popular news aggregation service on Internet. Google News also provides Android and iOS applications for viewing latest news in the native application on the mobile devices.

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This service is fully automated and monitored automatically as well as manually. Google News priority is to serve authoritative breaking news in real-time to the users of Google News. Google News is very popular and one of the most authentic websites to check what is happening in world. Google News approval process is manual and in the approval process Google staff checks news website before approving it for Google News index. Google is maintaining very high standard for their news websites.

Now we will discuss how Google News works and what could be its possible architecture?

As mentioned above Google News is fully news content aggregator, text indexer, search and visualization engine.

News Crawler:

The Google News crawler is automated highly intelligent software package which finds latest news topics published on the news site and then index it it Google News search index. There are various algorithms for categorizing, clustering and organizing news content for fast serving. Top content always appears on the top of Google News.

News Index:/strong

The text indexer is using thousands of servers to save indexed news for better and fast serving. Google is using all the latest technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, cyber security, cloud and many others to run their News service. News must be timely reported so Google is using almost all the latest technologies to run their News Search engine.

Google also maintains geographically separated indexes to speedup search and serve the search originating in that location. In the similar way shopping giants such as Amazon and others are using geographical caching strategy for better serving of their users. But Google is using very sophisticated architecture to achieve this.

Search Interface:

On the web Google news is served at and by visiting here you can view all the latest news happening around the world.

Users can search the news to view the latest news of interest. Users can also subscribe the news from Google alerts section to get news in their email box. After subscription you will start getting news headlines and links in your email.

Google News apps is also available for Android and iOS devices. You can install Google News application on your phone to check latest news on your mobile phone.

In this article we have described you the basics of working of Google News, this information is just educational purposes Google news is very complex system. The complete detail is not given by Google if you are interested in reading more about working of Google News you may try to search research papers related to working of Google engine.

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