Top 10 benefits of having Google News Approved Websites

Today in this article we are discussing top 10 benefits of Google News approved websites for publishing news.

Google News approved News website: What are the top 10 benefits of having Google News Approved Website

The news is all about latest development happening around the world. It is not limited to political and sports events; there are other many fields like entertainment, health, mobile, finance where frequent news updates are coming. Top news publishers around the world are publishing latest news and updates on various topics to get tons of traffic on their websites. So, if you have or planning for a news website then check these top 10 benefits of having a Google News approved website.

Google is using latest algorithm for ranking best and authentic news on its news search engine. So, only the best websites of the world gets huge traffic. In this article we are discussing benefits of having Google news approved websites.

1. Brand Value

Having Google News approved websites will help you in popularizing your brand news channel to the world. You can select a niche, get your website approved in Google News and then use this website as a brand for publishing your news content. You must stick to the news only content for your website. Google is one of the most trusted news search engine and regularly publishing news on your website will help you in establishing your brand.

Google News approvide website

2. Instant traffic

News published on the Google news approved websites gets indexed fast and you will start getting traffic instantly on your website. Depending on the news quality and brand value of your website Google will display your news in proper place in Google News search and you will start getting instant traffic to your website.

Well researched and original news content have huge potential of getting tons of traffic to your site. So, make your brand and start publishing quality news on your website to get huge return on your investment.

3. Increased Links to your website

You will get direct link from Google News website and this will increase your search engine ranking. Many new websites are always searching for the branded websites for latest updates and news. They may provide links to your website from their website. This way it will increase your back links and subsequently ranking of your website in organic search results.

Increased back links will increase visitors from other websites also. So, there is huge potential of having a Google News approved websites.

It is advisable to daily post at least 2-3 quality news per day on your news approved website.

4. Benefits of positive value due to publishing fresh contents

Google gives extra value to the websites  publishing fresh content daily on their website. Since you are adding quality news to your website daily and it is indexed by Google News crawler, you will start getting positive value of this from Google. So, this adds great value to your website.

5. The "Authority Site" status to your website

Since your website is manually reviewed and approved by Google News team it gives an "Authority Site" status to your website. This increases the ranking of your website and you will start getting more organic and news traffic to your website. Over the time you will see increase Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) ranking for your website content. So, there is a great value of having your site approved in Google News.

6. Fast indexing of new pages

Google News crawler is special crawler which is designed to index news in real-time. When you publish your news in Google News approved website it is crawled and indexed in news index within few minutes. This gives a huge boost to your website and you will start getting visitors instantly. But keep in mind that Google News is looking for news and you should publish only news on your Google News approved website.

7. Better organic traffic

High authority given to your website by Google increases the chances of appearing your website on the top of search results. This will give you more organic traffic to your website. So, keep in mind to publish high quality content to your website to get maximum results from your website.

If your website is indexed in Google News then based on the quality of your work Google will help you popularizing your website.

8. Authenticity of your website

Websites appearing in Google News are considered to be authentic website. So, you should take this opportunity and maintain the quality of your website. This will automatically increase your ranking in long term. Keep on adding quality content to your site.

Google automatically adds trust and authenticity to your website. This will give you high brand exposure on the Internet.

9. Two fold presence in Google

Google News and Google Search engine is best source of getting tons of traffic on your website. If your website is listed in Google News then your news pages are indexed both in Google News index and Search engine index very fast. This increases the website presence two folds and you will get results fast from your website.

Your websites gets visibility in Google News and Google organic search engine which increases your website over all visibility.

10. Automatic and fast SEO with less effort

If you write and publish your news on your website it gets indexed quickly without any effort from you. Only you have to do is to write quality news content for your website. Based on the quality and authenticity of news/releases your article gets indexed without much effort. So, it helps in getting results fast from your effort.

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