How to get site indexed on Google News?

In this article we are going to explore detailed steps for getting a site indexed in Google News Index. If you are looking for "How to Get Site Indexed on Google News?", then this article is for you.

News Publishers Guide: How to Get Site Indexed on Google News?

In this article we are exploring the steps you must follow to get your site indexed in Google News. Google News is high authority, trusted and widely used news search engine around the world. The user base of Google News is very high due to its creditworthiness and timely indexing of news from thousands of credible news sources around the world. The process of approval in Google News is manual and highly trained team inspect the website before including it into Google News. In this article we will try to explain you how you can make your site credible so that it's get approved in Google News.

Google News is highly popular news aggregation service which is generating over 6 billion+ clicks for the news sites it is indexing per month. Top News Publishers around the world are getting study traffic from Google News.

How to get site indexed on Google News?

As per one estimate publishers around the world is many publishers are growing their traffic many folds with the help of publishing timely news content in their Google News approved websites.

The Google News service is open for all and it is not required one to be a professional journalists. If you have news sense and you are ready to generate timely news content of your choice then you can apply for Google News. Google News team verifies the site news site submitted for approval and if it meets its news standard site gets included in Google News.

What is Google News?

Let's see what is Google News and what it is looking for? Google News is news content aggregation service developed and maintained by search engine giant Google Inc. This service is collecting news from thousands of news publishers around the world. Google News search engine is priority search engine which collects and indexes data in real-time. New news published on news publishers website gets indexed within seconds or minutes in Google News.

Google News then displays the latest and relevant news on the its news home page. It drives very high traffic to the websites of news publisher in real-time. Google News application is available for Android, iOS and web. It was first released in September 2002 as beta version. Officially it was released in January 2006. Since then it grown at very fast speed and now Google News is leading news aggregator platform.

How to get site indexed on Google News?

Here are the steps for getting your site indexed in Google News.

1. You site must meet technical guideline

a) You should give permanent url to all the news published on your website.

b) Articles must be formatted using HTML and then published. No PDF or doc content as it is not indexed by Google News.

c) Robots.txt or Meta Tags should allows Google News crawler to crawl your website.

d) Google News is not indexing multimedia content, but if it is on YouTube it may be indexed.

e) Add clear authorship details on your website.

2. Content guideline

a) Your news content must match with the standard set by Google News. It must be news content, original, timely reported and with proper authorship details.

c) You can't use syndicated content.

d) How tos, tips etc are not allowed. So, you must stick to only news content on your website.

e) You must write content in the encoding as suggested by Google and it must confirm to UTF-8.

f) Google only includes the news from the approved domains only.

3. News/Article page requirements

a) Articles must of be published with a permanent unique URL. You should not publish another article on the same url (by deleting one article and replacing with new one on the same url).

b) Article page must be well formatted with HTML tag and it should be crawler friendly.

c) Article should contain author details, news published date and location.

d) You must follow good journalism and write original reported story.

f) Avoid duplicity - Don't copy articles from others sites or if you have multiple sites don't publish same content on all sites.

g) Write in active voice and must follow journalism standard in writing.

h) Write news story with rich tiles, headlines and attractive first paragraph. Provide complete information in the news if possible.

i) Write in present tense as per journalist style of writing.

j) News should be grammatically correct and easy to understand.

k) Publish 2-5 articles per day on your news website before applying for Google News inclusion.

After checking your website as per all the above points apply for Google News review and inclusion. If everything goes well Google News will include your website in news index.

Check following tutorial which provides complete details:

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