Fresh Google News website are available for sale

Freshly approved news domains are very useful in making your own news brand. Here we have freshly Google News website for sale which you can buy and start using form making your own news brand.

News Approved websites: Websites freshly approved in Google news is available for sale

Daily publishing timely original news on the Google news approved websites can attract thousands of real-time visitors on  your website everyday. We have many freshly approved Google news websites available for sale along with the domain name and content published on it. Webmasters looking for a platform to publish news content  and to make huge user base through news website then contact us to buy these domains. We have new domains for various categories and locations that you can buy. To buy a news domain contact us with your requirements and our team will get back to you with latest offers to meet your requirements.

News Approved websites: Websites freshly approved in Google news is available for sale

Is freshly approved news sites are good to make a brand?

Yes, unused and fresh news domain is good to make your own brand. If you are looking for making your own brand with a freshly approved news website then get it from us. You can employee your own team and ask them to work on it. Daily add much fresh and original news content for few months, after few months you will see increase in traffic and brand value. It will take 4-5 months but you will get real results of your hard work. Along with publishing your news content you should also make your social profile in Facebook, Twitter and other websites to post links of your news there. This will give you extra visibility and increase you brand value.

What type of news I can add to my news website?

It is very hard to compete in main stream  media and it requires a lots of resources. So, you should select field/topic of your interest like technology, finance, entertainment,  sports etc.. and then start news writing in selected field. You must write original and researched news of your interest. Google news likes fresh, original and timely reported news contents. So, you must follow the journalistic standards to write your own news/reports and publish on your website. You can also cover the media events, record the events, take pictures, write your own original news report and publish in your website. Such original work will give boost to your website and you will be able to get good inflow of traffic to your website. In nutshell original, timely reported and well written news content will help you in getting tons of traffic from Google News.

What is the cost of Google News approved domains?

The news approved websites price is ranging from  $1,000 to $5,000 or more depending upon the domain name, website traffic, domain PR and other seo factors. Freshly approved domain cost start from $1,000. We have many new and old news websites listed in Google News. We offer quality domains and its content to  buyers around the world. If you have any such requirements you can get back to us. 

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If you have tried many times in past but failed. Then our professional service will help you in getting you in Google News. You can also Contact Us for buying or getting your website approved in Google News index. We offer training to webmasters looking to start in the news publishing domain.

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