PHP PHP Triad Tutorial

Run PHP scripts on your computer, find out where and how.

PHP PHP Triad Tutorial

PHP-Triad Tutorial


In this PHPTriad tutorial we will learn how to download install and test an application on the PHPTriad server.

PHPTriad is a software package which installs PHP, Apache and MySQL  all together in your computer. It also set the necessary configuration .

The PHPTriad can be downloaded from To download the latest version visit the office website of the PHP Triad.

Download the PHPTriad (latest version), after downloading simple clicking will install the software in your system. c:\apache folder will be the root directory, in this folder you can see the subfolders PHP and MySQL, scripts must be placed in c:\apache\htdocs folder.


Installing PHPTriad

The following figures will help you  to install  and run PHPTriad .


Step i) Double click the setup file icon:

ii)  Following figure will show that progress of the installation.


iii)  After completion, go to start button, click programs, click PHPTriad, select start apache, following figure will appear on your screen.


iv) Open any Internet browser, type http://localhost/ press enter. following web page will be displayed and you will come to know that the server is running.


In C:\APACHE\HTDOCS folder type the following code and save it as Hello.php.

echo "Hello";
Now type on the address bar of Internet browser http://localhost/Hello.php, after pressing the enter button, following output will be displayed:


Every PHP  file  will be written in the C:\APACHE\HTDOCS folder.