MySQL Configuration

In this lesson you will read about the configuration of MySQL . The MySQL server configuration normally started during installation process .

MySQL Configuration

MySQL Configuration


In this lesson you will read about the configuration of MySQL . The MySQL server configuration normally started during  installation process . 

MySQL server configuration wizard window 

The MySQL configuration wizard can be launched by clicking the MySQL server instance configuration wizard entry in the MySQL section of the window start menu. Another way to launch the configuration wizard, you can  launch the MySQLInstanceConfig.exe file directly from bin directory of your MySQL installation. The MySQL server configuration wizard sets configuration variables values in my.ini file in the installation directory for the MySQL server. 

--defaults-file="C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.0\my.ini"

Path "C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.0" is  installation directory of MySQL server . The --defaults-file option instructs the MySQL server to read the specified file for configuration options when it starts. 
The MySQL client and utilities like mysql and mysqldump command-line client are unable to locate the my.ini file locate in the server installation directory. The MySQL use window server 2003, window server 2000 and window XP, MySQL server configuration wizard will configure MySQL to work as a windows services.

The MySQL Server configuration wizard on Linux
If you want to install the MySQL server configuration on Linux then you have to run the mysqlsetup command. For displaying MySQL server configuration wizard interface on a different machine, then you have to set the value of the DISPLAY variable on the command line. 


DISPLAY=remote:0.0 mysqlsetup 

MySQL choosing Installation type
When you start the MySQL server configuration wizard for a new MySQL installation then choose the re-configure instance option. There are two type of MySQL configuration wizard installation:-

  • Detailed Configuration
    The MySQL Detailed configuration option is intended for advanced users who want more fine-grained control over server configuration. 
  • Standard Configuration 
    The MySQL Standard configuration option is intended for new users who want to get started with MySQL quickly without having to make many decisions about server configuration.