MySQL Configuration

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MySQL Configuration

MySQL Configuration


In this lesson you will read how to configured of mysql.  This lesson you will also read how to easily configuring your server under window . The mysql configuring wizard create a custom my.ini file and applying your response to a template to  generated the my.ini file it is tuned to your installation . The mysql configuration is included with The mysql 5.0 server and mysql also available for only window users.

Introduction of configuration wizard
The MySQL configuration wizard is typically lanched from the MySQL installation wizard so, as the MySQL installation wizard is exits. MySQL is also lanched the mysql configuration wizard through the clicking mysql server Instance configuration wizard entry of the window Start menu in the mysql session. The mysql configured to the bin directory of your installation time and lanched the mysql this file directory  "mysqlInstanceConfig.exe". 
The MYSQL is navigate to the bin directory of your mysql installation or launch the MySQLInstanceConfig.exe file directly.

MySQL Choosing the Maintenance Option
The mysql configuration wizard detected an exiting my.ini file ,and you have the mysql file either reconfiguration your existing server or removing the server instance through deleting the my.ini file and mysql configuration wizard stopping and removing the mysql services.

If you want to reconfigure then choose the exiting server and the Re-configure instance option then click the NEXT buttons. MySQL existing file my.ini is renamed to mytimestamp.ini.bak where are timestamp is the date and time in mysql configured wizard, mysql which is existing my.ini file created. The MySQL remove the existing server instance then choose the remove instance option and click the next button.

The mysql configured in the choose the Remove the instance option then you advance to a confirmation  window, click the execute button. MySQL Configuration wizard stops and removes the mysql services, and then deletes the my.ini file. the mysql server installation and data folder are not removed.

MySQL Choosing the configuration type wizard
If  when you configured new mysql configuration wizard for new mysql configuration installation then choose the re-configure instance for an existing installation. There are two type of mysql configuration wizard:- 

  1. MySQL Detailed configuration 
    The Detailed configuration option is instance for advance user more grained mysql control server configuration.
  2. MySQL Standard configuration
    MySQL Standard version of the mysql database server. MySQL Standard is supported for non-transaction tables and the newer , transaction-safe tables. That is suited for production requiring a stable, flexible, and robust database engine. standard configuration option is used for create a new user  get with the start mysql configuration very quickly without having the many decision about server configuration .

MySQL configuration is choose the Standard option then the cause the mysql configuration wizard set all configuration with the exception of services option and security option.  MySQL standard configuration sets options it may be incompatible with system. there are existing mysql installations. That you have an existing mysql installation on your system in addition to the installation then you wish to configure the detailed configuration option recommended.

MySQL server type Dialog
There are three type available MySQL Server dialog . MySQL configuration wizard is the make with regard to the memory, Disk, and processor usage. The mysql server dialog type is follow here:- 

  1. Developer Machine :  The MySQL is choose this option for typical desktop workstation where is intended only for personal use. And the assumed that many other desktop application are running .This MySQL server is configured to use minimal system resource.
  2. Server machine: The mysql server machine is running alongside other server application such that FTP, e-mail, and web servers and mysql server is use the moderate portion of the system resource .
  3. Dedicated MySQL Server Machine : This mysql server machine that is intended to run only the mysql server. MySQL server is configured to use all system resource.