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The final Keyword in Java

In Java, final keyword is applied in various context. The final keyword is a modifier means the final class can't be extended, a variable can't be modified, and also a method can't be override.

final classes

The class declared as final can't be subclass or extend. The final class declared as follows :

public final class MyFinalClass

final methods

The final method  can be declare as follows:

public final String convertCurrency()

The final method can't be override in a subclass.

final fields

The field declared as final behaves like constant. Means once it is declared, it can't be changed. Before compiling,only once it can be set; after that you can't change it's value. Attempt to change in it's value lead to exception or compile time error.

You can declare the final fields as :

public final double radius = 126.45;

public final int PI = 3.145; 

The fields which are declared as static, final and public are known as named constants. Given below a example of named constant :

public class Maths{
public static final double x = 2.998E8;

final method arguments

You can also declare method's argument as final. The final argument can't be modified by the method directly.


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Final Methods - Java Tutorials

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